WR/CB Matchups – Week 2

Tony Pisano goes in-depth on the key WR/CB matchups for Week 2.

| 3 years ago

WR/CB Matchups – Week 2

cordyCordarrelle Patterson vs. Darrelle Revis

I hear people say all the time that Darrelle Revis has fallen off… nope. He had the highest cornerback grade in 2013 and the fourth highest coverage grade.  Against Miami last week Revis allowed 36 yards and a TD on 5 targets. He may have lost a step but speed was never a strength of his anyway. His technique and hand work are arguably the best of his generation. I hope I get to see plenty of him against the exciting Cordarrelle Patterson.

If Patterson had a TV show it would be called “Everybody Loves Cordarrelle”. My role on that show would be the brother that just doesn’t see what everybody else does. I love his speed and athleticism but find his overall receiving skills something to be desired. He had a 6.51 yards per target average last year.

How low is that? Jason Avant had the ninth lowest receiving grade last year and his YPT was 6.30. Can you blame poor quarterback play on that horrible number? To a certain degree that argument holds water, but Patterson also has to take some of the blame. He seems to be getting a lot of praise because of his game last week.

His stat line from a strictly receiving standpoint was abysmal. He was targeted just 4 times for 26 yards. That is a YPT average of 6.50 (almost exactly what his number was last year). He also received three carries in which he made the Rams defense look ridiculous. His home run ability is definitely real. I personally can’t count on a wide receiver to rush for over 50 yards in every game to make him a fantasy start.

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