WR/CB Matchups – Week 13

Tony Pisano breaks down four WR/CB matchups from the upcoming Thanksgiving Day games.

| 3 years ago
Sherman Crabtree

WR/CB Matchups – Week 13

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Seattle SeahawksThis week my matchups focus on the three Thanksgiving Day games. Some of the best receivers in the game are lacing up their cleats on Thursday and in this article I highlight four interesting matchups that could make the difference during your playoff run. Good luck and happy turkey day!

Michael Crabtree vs. Richard Sherman

I picture Michael Crabtree sitting in a dark room waiting for the NFL schedule to come out. Once it’s released he quickly looks for the first game against the Seahawks. He then prints the schedule out and circles Thanksgiving in thick, red marker. Crabtree is not having the best season, but I imagine he will be highly motivated in this game. Regardless of what he says getting called a “sorry receiver” by Sherman probably didn’t sit well with him.

It has been nine months since Sherman ranted after the Super Bowl. You may not like him calling out another player like that, you make think he’s cocky; you may think he’s a lot of things… but know he has been the best cornerback in football since 2012. Sherman has been fantastic again this year having not allowed more than four catches in a game. No other starting cornerback in the league has allowed less catches. I get why a lot of people are rubbed the wrong way by him, but at the end of the day you don’t want him covering your fantasy receivers.

Bottom Line: I really hope something significant happens in this matchup. I don’t care if that’s Crabtree scoring, Sherman getting a pick, a fight, whatever… I just want something to happen! Regardless of his motivation to succeed, you can’t start Crabtree. Crabtree’s only hope is that Sherman shadows Anquan Boldin, which almost surely isn’t going to happen. If the 49ers want Crabtree to have a big game, they better move him away from Sherman.

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