WR/CB Matchup Roundup

Tony Pisano breaks down the results from his WR/CB matchup article.

| 3 years ago
San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

WR/CB Matchup Roundup

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle SeahawksIn this article I take a look at the three matchups I highlighted earlier in the week. I will toot my horn loudly when I am right… and quietly make excuses when I’m wrong. I break down what happened (sometimes play-by-play) in each matchup and let you know what you may be able to expect going forward. Analyzing matchups will never be an exact science but hopefully as the season progresses I will start to notice trends that make predictions as accurate as possible.

Jordy Nelson vs. Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell.

My key points: In my matchup preview article I wrote that if the Packers wanted to avoid the Jordy Nelson vs. Richard Sherman matchup they could. Sherman didn’t shadow receivers last year and he didn’t shadow Nelson on Thursday night. Sherman and Nelson were matched up against each other three times. All three plays were runs from a one-WR set. There was one other heavy set where Nelson was the only WR on the field. Nelson lined up on the left side of the offense and Sherman still did not follow him. Sherman stayed at his LCB position which essentially became LOLB on the play. On one other play the Packers stuck TE Andrew Quarless in front of Sherman.

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