WR/CB Matchup Roundup Week 7

Tony Pisano breaks down the matchups he featured in his matchup article.

| 3 years ago

WR/CB Matchup Roundup Week 7

jimmy smithI think I’m done trying to predict Julio Jones stats. He seems to kill me every time I put him in my matchup article. Besides Julio Jones, every other receiver (kind of) proved me right. I made some bold (or crazy depending on who you ask) predictions regarding a Green Bay receiver that nearly came true. I also recommended that you bench a receiver who had been very successful the two weeks before, and I nailed it.

Julio Jones vs. Jimmy Smith

My key points: I’m starting to think Julio Jones hasn’t produced the last two games just to spite me.  In my matchup article I said Jones would catch eight passes and haul in a touchdown. Jones was only targeted eight times and he didn’t catch all of them. Jones will not be in my matchup article this week, so he will likely explode for a big game.

Jones has now dropped five passes in his last three games. He doesn’t strike me as a “pass dropper” like Terrell Owens was and Brandon Marshall is. He hasn’t had a touchdown in four straight games and has just one 100 yard effort over that span. Is it time to panic? Is it time to trade him? Absolutely not. He has had a few tough matchups (with another one this week) but when it’s all said and done he’ll finish the year with great numbers.

Ok football fans, time to take notice of Jimmy Smith. A strong argument could be made for him being the best cornerback in football this season. He has been nothing short of dominant this season against great competition. The Bengals, Steelers, Panthers, Colts and Falcons all had no success while targeting him. He didn’t allow more than 28 yards against any of those teams. He hasn’t allowed a touchdown against anyone and quarterbacks have a rating of 51.5 while targeting him. He’s long, rangy and strong and can compete against whoever he lines up against. He has a similar style to Richard Sherman and he needs to be getting more praise than he is.

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    Week 7 projections on October 23rd. It’s almost like predicting the past…LOL.

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