WR/CB Matchup Roundup – Week 13

Tony Pisano reviews his matchup article from week 13.

| 3 years ago
Sherman turkey

WR/CB Matchup Roundup – Week 13

sherman turkeyA superstar wide receiver stopped me from going perfect for the second straight week. Another superstar came through for me in a big way as did his teammate. I would also like to apologize to the 49ers fans who are trying to forget what Richard Sherman did to them… again.

Michael Crabtree vs. Richard Sherman

My key points: In my article I said that I wanted something significant to happen. I also said that you simply couldn’t start Michael Crabtree. I fully expected Crabtree to be held in check and he did nothing to prove me wrong. The Seahawks defense was all over him and the rest of the 49ers team all game long. Crabtree gets a much easier matchup this week against the Raiders.

This has been rough year for Crabtree. He has yet to surpass 85 yards in any game and has scored just one touchdown since week six. Crabtree only played 37 snaps on Thursday. He was targeted three times and finished with ten yards receiving. He is currently on pace to finish the year with 68 catches for 769 yards and five touchdowns. We didn’t get to see that much of Crabtree vs. Richard Sherman, but that didn’t stop Crabtree from being ineffective. With how quarterback Colin Kaepernick is playing, Crabtree is an impossible start regardless of matchup.

Kaepernick tested Sherman four times on Thursday. On those four attempts Kaepernick completed zero to his team, and two to Sherman. There is a reason Sherman gets tested less often than most cornerbacks in the league; he’s really, really good. Sherman is top five in yards allowed, catches allowed, quarterback rating against, forced incompletion percentage, and touchdowns allowed. Sherman has now had 24 straight games without allowing more than four catches in a game.

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