WR Spotlight – Week 3

Tony Pisano spotlights WRs that had interesting games in Week 3.

| 3 years ago
Keenan Allen

WR Spotlight – Week 3

Keenan AllenIn this article I take a look at some wide receiver performances that I feel deserve to end up in the spotlight. That isn’t always a good thing. A WR can end up in this article if they are good, bad or had deceiving stats one way or the other. I will spotlight a handful of WRs each week and show some in-depth statistics that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Keenan Allen, Chargers vs. Bills

Targets 2
Catches 2
Yards 17
Yards Per Target 8.50
Bad Throw Incompletions 0
Drops 0
Interceptions 0
Touchdowns 0


“Uh oh” said every Keenan Allen owner in the world. I am off the Keenan Allen bandwagon… I am throwing in the towel… I can hear the fat lady singing. There are a few advanced statistics that lead me to believe this is more than just a slow start for Allen. The first is his YPT average of 6.41. With that average it would take 157 targets to break 1,000 yards. He is currently on pace for 91 targets. The second stat that has me worried is his amount of snaps. No WR has played more snaps than Allen yet he is only being targeted on 8.2% of those snaps. Compare that to Jeremy Maclin who is at about 15%. I think Allen will have good games here and there, but he should no longer be counted on as a WR1 or even a WR2.

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  • sikwitit2113

    As a concerned Keenan Allen owner, do you know if he has been getting more attention (double coverage) from defenses this year that is causing his slow start and forcing Rivers to look at his other options? Thanks