Wide Receiver Matchup Chart – Championship Round

Before setting your lineup for the championship round of the playoffs, be sure to find out who each of your wideouts will see in coverage.

| 2 years ago
Richard Sherman

Wide Receiver Matchup Chart – Championship Round

JimmySmithDown below is a chart that matches up wide receivers with cornerbacks. Quite often, we see many casual football fans simply assume that elite cornerbacks follow the opposing team’s No. 1 wide receiver around the field. That almost never happens. The below chart will help you determine which cornerbacks your top receivers will see in coverage each week. As you’ll see, it’s not always cut and dry, but we hope this information will allow you to make the best lineup decisions each week.

Understanding the chart:

The chart is split into three “zones”. The first is Left Wide Receiver (LWR) vs. Right Cornerback (RCB). The second is the exact opposite. The third matches up primary slot recievers with primary slot defenders. The percentage shown is how often the player has lined up in that position so far this season. In some cases, the number is very high and telling. In others, it’s low and predictable. Other times it’s low because of injury/depth chart movement. Each players height and weight is also listed.

Next to each defender, you’ll see three additional columns.

One is ‘T/G’, which refers to targets faced-per-game.

The second is ‘Cov’, which refers to the coverage grade given to each defender by our fine analysts at PFF.  Most don’t know what qualifies as a good or bad coverage grade, which is why it’s on a 0-to-100 scale. 100 is bad and means its a great (A+) matchup for the receiver. Zero means good coverage and is thus bad news (F) for the receiver. 50 is, of course, an average matchup.

The third column is ‘FP’, which identifies how each defender has fared in terms of fantasy points (ppr) per target so far this season.Only defenders who have seen 20-plus targets this season are graded. This is also on a 1-to-100 scale.

Most of us fantasy-football gamers are well aware of which wide receivers are elite, but we aren’t quite as familiar with many cornerbacks. These columns help solve that issue.

Note: Matchup notes/explanations are included in this week’s preview article. Check it out HERE (scroll down to WR section).

OFF DEF Left WR Ht Wt % Right CB Ht Wt % T/G Cov FP
NE IND Brandon LaFell 6’3″ 210 51% Vontae Davis 5’11” 207 96% 5.1 0 2
IND NE Donte Moncrief 6’2″ 221 36% Brandon Browner 6’4″ 221 56% 5.8 58 50
GB SEA Jordy Nelson 6’3″ 217 32% Byron Maxwell 6’1″ 207 80% 5.5 46 39
SEA GB Ricardo Lockette 6’2″ 211 56% Sam Shields 5’11” 184 82% 5.5 50 51
OFF DEF Right WR Ht Wt % Left CB Ht Wt % T/G Cov FP
NE IND Julian Edelman 5’10” 200 40% Greg Toler 6’0″ 190 86% 6.8 61 52
IND NE T.Y. Hilton 5’9″ 178 39% Darrelle Revis 5’11” 198 51% 4.8 23 35
GB SEA Davante Adams 6’1″ 215 41% Richard Sherman 6’3″ 195 91% 4.1 18 21
SEA GB Jermaine Kearse 6’1″ 209 32% Tramon Williams 5’11” 191 77% 5.9 46 67
OFF DEF Slot WR Ht Wt % Slot CB Ht Wt % T/G Cov FP
NE IND Danny Amendola 5’11” 195 81% Darius Butler 5’10” 188 90% 3.8 45 43
IND NE Reggie Wayne 6’0″ 203 62% Kyle Arrington 5’10” 190 64% 3.4 49 31
GB SEA Randall Cobb 5’10” 192 90% Jeremy Lane 6’0″ 190 92% 4.0 32 18
SEA GB Doug Baldwin 5’10” 189 58% Micah Hyde 6’0″ 197 95% 3.5 50 42

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  • Robin

    This makes it look like the Packers are in trouble

  • eYeDEF

    Wow. Makes you wonder why Vontae Davis with a perfect coverage grade of zero is used 96% as a right cornerback when passes from right handed quarterbacks (the vast majority) are going to be thrown to the opposite side of the field most of the time anyway.

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