Why Russell Wilson is a top-10 passing QB

Russell Wilson is more than just a running quarterback -- as this video shows.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

(AP Photo/Stephen Brashear)

Why Russell Wilson is a top-10 passing QB

Even though Russell Wilson may be better known for his running ability, his arm talent still manages to keep him on our list of top 10 passing quarterbacks. For example:


Wilson is ranked No. 9 on our list of passing quarterbacks. He has a PFF passing rating of 82.3 and a PFF overall rating of 82.1.

  • Sam Doohan

    He’s certainly got talent as a passer but I can’t help wondering how he’d be doing outside of Seattle’s offense. With both an extremely successful running back in Lynch and Wilson a running threat himself and that really changes the coverage that he’s throwing into. Definite;y he’s undervalued as a passer but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drop off a bit after Lynch retires even with better weapons.

    • Izach

      I doubt it, that narrative is true for guys like nick foles, or Texans QBs, but in truth Wilson doesn’t benefit from bad coverages or in the box formations, he excels at reading the coverage regardless of what coverage it is and by being smart and accurate with the ball, I will say with our lynch the team would struggle more simply because the run game wouldn’t be able to keep drives alive and the Seahawks scheme isn’t a short throw scheme, but in all honestly RW would be able to adjust if that’s the direction they went to next year or in the future a lot like how Big Ben with the steelers has adjusted his style to the quicker faster pass game. 100% no doubt Russel could do that as well IMO

      • codered5

        I can see what you’re saying but its outrageous to think that he doesnt benefit from the best running game in the league. Every stat imaginable indicate(for young qbs in particular) that the efficiency of the passing game grows with an effective running game

        • Izach

          True but to be honest I’d say Wilson helps the run game more with his running than anything else, his ability makes the DL and rest of front 7 pause for just a moment longer. I mean tits their scheme to run and be efficient, just like its the colts scheme to throw a lot down field, put luck on Hawks and RW on colts I’d bet luck stats look similar to Russell’s now and RWs would look similar to lucks now. Ppl don’t realize offensive SCHEME and gameplan affect stats more than anything else talent wise both are in the upper level of QBs neither is the best at any1 thing tho

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    • David Stinnett

      I recall a game against the Rams in 2013 where they shut down Lynch and so Russell threw for 100-150 yards more than usual, and won. He holds the all-time NFL record for passing yards by a rookie in a playoff game. The record of 335 yards held for 75 years. Wilson got 385. He’s more talented than you think, as evidenced by this here: goo.gl/GTGygc

    • monkey

      Don’t take this the wrong way but, why bother wonder what he would do outside of Seattle’s offense?
      Who cares?
      He’s not going to play outside of Seattle’s offense, not ever probably. As a part of Seattle’s offense, he’s a top ten QB, that’s all that matters.
      People always ask this question as a way to make the claim that he’s not really that good, and wouldn’t be good outside of this system. It’s a claim that frankly drives me crazy because it can never ever be proven. Pure speculation.
      What would Joe Montana have done outside of Bill Walsh’s genius offense? I don’t know and don’t care because it’s a debate not worth having as there is no way to prove anything.

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