What to expect from UCLA’s Josh Rosen

The Bruins' true freshman quarterback was named starter for Week 1.

| 2 years ago

What to expect from UCLA’s Josh Rosen

The UCLA Bruins are turning to a true freshman to run their offense as blue-chip prospect, Josh Rosen, has officially been named the starter.

Rosen is a former Elite 11 quarterback, and one of the key subjects in the Elite 11 documentary that aired on ESPN. PFF was there to grade every throw from the quarterbacks at the event, and Rosen’s hyped-up talent was obvious from his first game (Rosen finished 11th overall at the event). He stood out for his intermediate accuracy, as well as his touch on the deep ball.

The question for Rosen, whether in the coach’s room, the documentary or even for UCLA coach Jim Mora, has always been whether or not his sharp football brain is often an obstacle in his performance. If Rosen is able to take to coaching and play within the system, he has the natural ability to become one of the nation’s top quarterbacks over the next few years.

In the meantime, the Bruins’ loaded front seven could help him out.

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