Welcome to the new ProFootballFocus.com

Here is our rundown of the new features available on the redesigned Pro Football Focus website.

| 2 years ago

Welcome to the new ProFootballFocus.com

The 2015 NFL and college football seasons are just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off another year of producing grades and unique stats on every player from every play of every game.

We’re also thrilled about providing our fans with engaging written, audio and video content on our website this season, weighing in on the biggest topics in football and surfacing the most compelling stories to be found within our data.

As a part of that, we decided our old website needed some freshening up, so what you see before you now is the brand new ProFootballFocus.com. It’s not only a new look, but one that shows up clearly and in its entirety on mobile devices — now you can get your PFF fix 24/7, no matter where you are and on any device.

Another big change you’ll notice is the addition of Focus Grades that use an easier-to-understand 0-100 scale. These come from the same grading process you’ve come to know and trust over the years and have been configured to allow positions to be more easily compared. We are also introducing our new Player Rating system, which takes into account recent and past performance to tell you what to expect from each player moving forward. We are still working on integrating this system throughout our website, but for now you can get a taste for these rankings in our top 10 lists and our content.

We’ve also gone into greater detail on what makes up the grade. You can read more about that here.

That’s not all however as all visitors to our website will have access to several features, headline articles and lists that draw on our proprietary PFF and CFF data:

–Top 10 player rankings for NFL and college football across every position

–Reactions to every major news story in NFL, college and fantasy football, providing fans with the unique PFF spin on the biggest discussion points of the day

–Larger rankings files that dig even deeper into our database, featuring our analysts’ expert opinions

–Videos and podcasts on the top stories in the NFL, college and fantasy football

For Fantasy Players, our $29.99 Fantasy Gold package that you know and love is getting even stronger. That price now includes our draft guide, a must-have for any fantasy draft, and you’ll continue to have access to player projections, customizable fantasy tools, advanced statistics, depth charts, and rankings and analysis from the industry’s top analysts. If you haven’t yet signed up for this advice to give you the edge in your fantasy drafts and daily games, you can do so here.

We are very excited for this next chapter in our history. Rest assured that ProFootballFocus.com will remain the place to be for the kind of analysis, game breakdowns and reaction to all things NFL, college football and fantasy football that you can only get from watching every player on every play of every game.

–The Pro Football Focus Team

  • PackersHome.com

    Looks good.

  • Ken

    Love it! Great job guys.

  • PetEng

    Wow. Jaw on floor. Very impressive.

  • Sam Feld

    What’s the difference between Focus Grades and Player Rating system

    • LightsOut85

      Yea, they don’t match up with the ranking of overall grades. The “how we grade” page just says “Convert to 1-100 scale” – are some of the grades weighted more than others (ie: running for RB, more than blocking or receiving)? If so, I’m down with that.

      Also, are they going to be listed in the premium section?

      • Sam Feld

        No that makes sense. In step 5 they said that they normalize the raw score (which is the normal score we see) based on more factors.

        • LightsOut85

          Ah, I read it too quickly. (I read as, we see normalized grades (right before 1-100 conversion).

          Hmm..I had always thought the grades we pay for were already accounting for those scenarios they describe. They seem less valuable now, that there’s little/no context to them.

  • GBPfan12

    Oooh Snap.

  • LightsOut85

    Looks cool….I would have preferred inclusion of more stats/categories that we’re shown in article but aren’t in the premium section (stats by route, pass-rushing by down, etc etc)….to each their own?

  • atyler2011

    Love the new layout. Very nice, indeed.

  • GESBoulder

    Well done

  • CP

    Does anyone know when we should be expecting the Focus Grades? Will it be prior to the season or after week 1?

  • Forrest

    A couple months back I posted that the site need to UI overhaul to really highlight all the great content you have. Glad to see you guys were already working on it.

    Next step is to overhaul the Advanced stats. You can only make a spreadsheet of stats look so good, but I think there is definitely some room for improvment. And I’d like to see some better visualizations (i.e. charts and graphs). Kind of like what you did when comparing Lineman and how many snaps they took at 0-9.

  • Dr Nub-bario

    At 1st glance, thought I’d been directed to a different site…super upgrade