Week 10 Start-Sit Quarterbacks, Receivers and Tight Ends

| 5 years ago

Week 10 Start-Sit Quarterbacks, Receivers and Tight Ends


Ryan Fitzpatrick @ New England [START]

Fitzpatrick has been struggling as of late in fantasy world averaging nearly 10 points per game in his last four contests, he is being dropped and owners are losing confidence — he is actually only owned by just 48% of fantasy owners in Yahoo leagues. However if you look at the last four matchups, he has only played one defense that has not been in the top five against the pass. In Week 5 he played against now the No. 2-rated defense — the 49ers are averaging 184 yards allowed per game through the air — followed by the now rated third-best passing defense in Arizona, averaging 194, and the Texans who are currently ranked the fourth-best against the pass surrendering on average.

Unless your last name is Rodgers, Manning or Brady, you will struggle against those three defenses, and to see them all in a four week span would be very tough. On the contrary, if you look at Fitzpatrick’s match-up against the Titans — who are now ranked 26th in average passing yards allowed per game and who also happen to be ranked higher than the now 27th-ranked Patriots defense — you would see Fitzpatrick’s numbers skyrocket. He had 225 yards passing, three touchdowns and only one interception. Actually in his last four games, he has not thrown more than two interceptions in a single game and against those defenses that is something to pay attention to. He is protecting the ball.

During his first meeting against New England in Week 4 Fitzpatrick threw for 350 yards and four touchdowns to go with four interceptions. This all translated into 27 fantasy points; interceptions notwithstanding, if your quarterback gets you 27 fantasy points, you will be happy. This time he is in New England and last year he posted 307 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions. Furthermore, during his career he has not thrown more touchdowns against any other team however he also has not thrown more interceptions to another team. More likely than not, the Bills always start out fast and end up falling behind, forcing Fitzpatrick to force throws he otherwise wouldn’t. This is due in part to Tom Brady on the other side ripping apart a pathetic excuse for a defensive secondary.

At any rate, I predict a big day for Fitzpatrick. He can finally face his most favored secondary. Also consider this; New England is third in passing touchdowns allowed with 17, first in 20+ passing plays allowed with 42 and fifth in 40+ passing plays allowed with six. New England also on average surrenders 19.74 fantasy points a game to opposing quarterbacks. My prediction is that the Patriots are going to stick to the running game against this horrid Buffalo defense and run play action, a lot! Brady is going to have a field day against Buffalo at home, forcing Fitzpatrick’s hand. However, with New England’s new running game addition it does slow the game down. I am predicting 300 yards passing, three touchdowns and one interception, resulting in 22 fantasy points or more for Fitzpatrick in standard fantasy formats.

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Author’s Note: Hey everyone, I am new and have been given the esteemed responsibility to provide you, our fan base, with a Start-Sit column. I will provide you with as much statistical data as well with my 10-years-and-counting’s worth of experience with the overall general game of football with my natural ability (if you would call it that) to play fantasy football that I discovered five years ago and have not since stopped. I will attempt to write on players that are an actual 50-50 coin tosses that have fantasy owners turn in their sleep the night prior. The players, the other experts wouldn’t dare write about because the odds of being wrong with the prediction are actually greater than being right. I am here to help you, and attempt to give the last second push to either side that you may have over looked. I would much appreciate your responses and concerns, as well with the players you would like to see next week or any additional recommendations. Enjoy!

I have been around the game of football my entire life. I played football for 9 years and I currently coach football as well. I have played Fantasy Football for the previous 5 years. I am a military brat, going Air Force within the next year and I am just enjoying the final year of Graduate school. God Bless America

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