Vikings: Harrison Smith joining the elite?

| 3 years ago

Vikings: Harrison Smith joining the elite?

PFF-headlinesWhen taking a look at the top overall PFF safety grades, we see a new name has joined the top five. Harrison Smith’s +5.4 overall grade only trails PFF regulars Eric Weddle and Earl Thomas.

After an up-and-down rookie year, Smith finished 2012 strong with a +6.5 overall grade, which was bolstered by a +10.5 coverage grade. Last year Smith finished at 4.6 in our grading, as he battled injuries and missed eight games total.

This season, Smith has made a positive impact in all areas defensively. He has been thrown at nine times and has allowed only four completions and has three pass knock-downs. In run defense (despite being “in the box” on only 43% of running plays) he has six stops in the run game and his 7.9% Run Stop Percentage ranks him 13th of all safeties. Additionally, the third-year safety, has even given the Vikings’ pass rush a boost. Smith has only rushed the passer seven times, but provided four total pressures including a sack.

Harrison Smith’s overall talent isn’t a secret. Maybe this is the year he stays healthy and continues to put it all together.

  • steve walker

    Against the Saints he dropped an easy interception and possibly could have had another, but those are still counted as pass break ups. I’m just curious in your grading system if those are positive or negative plays, since even though he stopped the completion he probably should have created a turnover.

    • Gregory Hutchinson

      Another player thats stock dropped a lil bit on draft day because of his 40 time. When are scouts & coaches going to take note that your ILB’s and Safety’s are like the QB of your defense & there is more to them positions(football smarts) than just athletic ability alone.