What’s wrong with my team? Eagles edition

Jordan Matthews owns the second-highest drop rate among wide receivers this season—one issue hurting Sam Bradford.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

What’s wrong with my team? Eagles edition

Cris Collinsworth examines the problems that have slowed down the Eagles’ high-octane offense, pointing to the amount of drops from Philadelphia’s receivers—especially Jordan Matthews.

  • smh

    Wow, you guys have really lowered the bar, with the “What’s wrong with my team” piece. Cris Collinsworth did not “examine” anything. He stated the obvious. I hope your not paying him. Aside from that worthless piece, can someone tell me why the Premium Stats are no longer available? I’ve been a member of this site before Peter King knew it existed, and now you have a “coaches only” section and premium stats are longer available…….The funny thing is, as is the case with most things NFL, you probably think it’s the hardcore NFL fan that’s wants the premium stats. Well, your wrong. It’s the GAMBLERS. Yes, us, the only guys that watch Thursday Night football. If you honestly think it’s the “hard core” NFL fans, your kidding yourself just like the NFL. I’m guessing your making money, and I will never hate on anyone for that, but why are the premium stats no longer available? I find it hard to believe that the NFL would pay for a group of amateur scouts for their player ratings. That is not meant to be a derogatory statement, but as a member of the site from the outset, I clearly remember comments about the man power it took to grade EVERY player in EVERY game. Say what you want, but all grading of player performance, at every level, contains a bit of the evaluators opinion or bias, it’s just human nature. In conclusion, will the premium stats be available again, if not, why, and if you are going to have a weekly column regarding point spread predictions, here’s a tip: Sports wagering has nothing to do with team A vs team B and EVERYTHING to do with the NUMBER.

    Good Luck on your future endeavors.

    • matt

      Premium Stats are still there. Its kind of tricky now though. you have to press the link marked “Premium Stats”

      • Doug Emerson

        People with a subscription can still access it until it runs out but they’re not allowing anyone to have any new ones. Its being discontinued for the general public.

    • Tim Edell

      Paying Collinsworth thats funny?? He owns 1/2 the place!!

  • FisherStache

    Are there PFF founders from Philly or something? It’s insane how many excuses this website has been making for Bradford now that he is an Eagle. The same problems he had with the Rams still persist. He doesn’t do the offensive line any favors by being a feeble bodied weakling who lacks mobility. He locks onto his the receiving option he feels most comfortable and if he’s not clearly open, will just check down. Linemen know this, so they put they’re hands up at the line of scrimmage. He also has trust issues shown by his fear of throwing down the field and outside the hash marks, but more worrisome in my opinion, is his inability to lead his receivers. PFF, you can throw all the accuracy stats you want to at me, but I still contend his bullet passes lack the touch a QB needs. If he was throwing to latter career Isaac Bruce, who would catch anything in his wheelhouse and go down, I think Bradford would be a great QB, but with the athleticism on display these days in the NFL, the best and most efficient QBs are the ones who get the ball out quickly to those athletic guys who can do way more damage with the ball in their hands and a little bit of space. He gives his receivers and running backs no room to operate, because he’s getting them the ball at the last possible moment before they’re swarmed. I can’t not think of baseball when I see all the Bradford apologists (I myself was one for many years). It’s like when you’ve got this young hurler coming up from the minors who just throws heat, but gets rocked in the Big Leagues because of the rising skillset, yet you have a bunch of older guys with way less talent who just know how to locate what they have, because they understand how the game actually works. Hasselbeck’s start earlier this season exemplifies this completely. Little velocity and all touch. Bradford is not a quarterback, he is a thrower.

  • crosseyedlemon

    They say death and taxes are the only certainties in life but they probably should have included the Eagles being dysfunctional as well. In fairness to the athletes, Philly is a tough town to play in. These are the fans that boo and throw snowballs at Santa Claus after all.

  • PackMaster

    Not a fan of these kind of videos PFF has been putting out. Very little depth. Would like to see it be closer to Sam’s wonderful “Analysis Notebook” column with some game tape (idk if possible cause of copyright issues) or play diagraming. I know you guys are capable of better.