VIDEO: Whats wrong with my QB? Ryan Tannehill Edition

Cris Collinsworth examines Ryan Tannehill's struggles through Week 4 of the season.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

(AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

VIDEO: Whats wrong with my QB? Ryan Tannehill Edition

Cris Collinsworth examines Ryan Tannehill’s struggles over the first month of the season, and explains why he shouldn’t shoulder all the blame for Miami’s issues on offense.

  • Bond, David Bond

    Dan Campbell, I hope that you see this posting. No one hates Tannehill the person; but Tannehill the QB does not have that IT factor and it shows in the redzone. He converts about half of his redzone opportunities. He wins about half of his games. This has been his showing for 3 years running. This is despite being surrounded by top quality talent. It would be foolish reasoning to think that this will change.
    PLEASE CONSIDER THIS LOGIC: ” if a store goes out of business due to poor leadership, despite adding different talented employees. Then a new owner buys the store; change the name of the store from (Philbin’s to Campbell’s), then hires the same leader of the previous failed business. Can the owner logically expect the results to be different from the previous results”? YOU MUST BENCH TANNEHILL NOW! In this way, you will see what I saw 3 years ago. Tannehill is the restraint on offense! If you truly want to be hired as the head coach full time; do not allow Tannehill to start against Tennessee. We cannot afford to loose another afc game. If Tannehill starts against Tennessee we are sure to loose. In order to win in this league, you have to throw deep often. Every game that we have lost, was due to the opposing team throwing deep and our inability to throw deep. Tannehill has caused one good coach to get fired. You will be his next victim if you continue to try and win with Tannehill!

    • Brit

      LOL! One of the dumbest PFF posts I’ve ever read. Bench Tannehill for Matt Moore? You’re a freakin genius. LOL

      Tannehill had a 94 QB rating last year and ran for another 300 yards. He did this behind the worst offensive line in the NFL. He’s throwing behind the worst pass blocking line in the NFL again this year.

      The problem is that the Dolphins didn’t upgrade their guards this offseason. They have literally the two worst guards in the entire NFL according to PFF. Add to that, a horrendous backup LT.

      I’m sure Dan Campbell not only read your post, but will take you advice to heart and bench Tannehill. LOL!!!!

      • nine9six


      • crosseyedlemon

        I suspect that if Tannehill reads the rant by 007 he will show up just to give Mr. Bond the Goldfinger.

      • crosseyedlemon

        I don’t pretend to be the logic expert that Bond is but it seems to me a coach that is loyal to players who are struggling would tend to gain respect from other players on the team rather than lose it. If players were going to quit on a coach they would do it because the coach was throwing players under the bus rather than supporting them when they were having problems.

      • Bond, David Bond

        Hey Brit, if Dan Campbell does not take my logical advice, he and Tannehill will likely be leaving together after the dolphins get blown out by the Titans! If you notice; the commentators did not start talking about other possible replacements to Philbin, until it appeared that Campbell was going to trout into Tennessee with Tannehill at the helm. Everyone on the outside KNOWS that we are not going to win with Tannehill. Let’s hope Dan Campbell has learned from the mistake that the Owner made out of compassion for Philbin. When you are bringing about change, you must remove ALL FRAGMENTS of the previous regimen. If Campbell does not, he is history! I am trying to help Campbell because he appears to have the right attitude. I am batting a thousand on my predictions.

        • Al Mili

          Stop listening to the big O show…

        • kingmz

          Yeah you called it, good thing they benched tannehill.

    • The_Real_RobL

      @ Bond, David Bond- I was going along with your post for the most part, and while I didn’t agree with everything you wrote, your logic wasn’t that far off-base, that is until the end of your statement. Was the “one good coach to get fired” referencing Joe Philbin? If so, could you give me a few examples to back that up, please?
      The Miami Dolphins have many problems, and I don’t blame Philbin for most of them, but I fail to see where he’s fixed any of them. I truly believe that this team quit on Philbin late last season, and that carried over into this season as well.

      • Bond, David Bond

        REAL: the team quit on Philbin because he WOULD NOT BENCH TANNEHILL! If Dan Campbell does not BENCH TANNEHILL, the team WILL quit on him too! (GUARANTEED) It is not going to matter how much he screams and yells. And if he continues to scream and yells because the team will support foolishness;(Tannehill), then he could to wind up getting HIS AZZ KICKED! I am batting a thousand in my predictions!

        • crosseyedlemon

          Players do not quit on a coach simply because the QB sucks. Even if players could get rid of a coach by doing that they damage their own reputation in the process. Any player that eventually goes into free agency knows he won’t have many owners interested in his services if he has the “quitter” label attached to him.

          • Bond, David Bond

            Hey Crosseyedlemon, if the owners of other teams see that the QB is the problem; and the QB problem is not being addressed, then they will not hold the players responsible. This is why; Mike Wallace , Brian Hartline or Brandon Gibson, had no problem landing on other teams; they were picked up quickly!

          • crosseyedlemon

            No intelligent owner is going to pursue a player who quits on his coaches and teammates when the going gets tough. Doing that is a recipe for disaster and all you end up with is team dissension, backstabbing and a circus like atmosphere similar to the one the Jets created a couple of years ago.

          • Bond, David Bond

            Sure they will and they have. You see Lemon; intelligent coaches want intelligent players who do not pursue impossibility and can identify a worthless cause. It is FOOLISHNESS to continue supporting Tannehill. I would not do it. The offense should work against Tannehill until he is out of the lineup. I would simply go through the motions until a QB change is made. IT IS LONG OVERDUE. The world is watching. The better the offense plays, the longer Tannehill will continue at the helm and losses will continue. Tannehill is restricting the offense. TANNEHILL LOST THE TEAM IN 2013 when he lost both games against Biffalo & the Jets; ending our playoffs bid. Only a FOOL would continue to support Tannehill and only a FOOL allow Tannehill to continue to start at QB!

          • corners

            its clear your not a dolphin fan, and its very clear you dont know what its like to ” go through the motions” until we find a qb.

          • dante

            Guys like him astound me. After how many years of looking for just a slightly above average QB, one with a stronger arm than our most winning QB after Dan the Man left, that old sage of Blessed Memory, I am referring to none other than the Grand Rabbi Jay Fiedler- which Ryan certainly does; and I guarantee Ryan’s deep ball is better than Fiedler’s was! Just think if Ryan had Jay’s team surrounding him!! We’ve waited forever for a QB who could have the potential to post an above 90 QB rating year in year out, pass for over 4000 yds a season, throw 27 TD to 12 INT like Tannehill did last year- and because the entire staff is a nightmare- the defense has no identity because of a DC who should never even have gotten such a high promotion. An Oline that has been ignored year in, year out. An OC who doesn’t know what a running game is….Not to mention the scandals which have gone down while Ryan was still progressing. The late season failures were on all of that & Yes, Ryan deserves some of the blame just like they all do. But he has been one of the only bright spots on this team since Philbin took over. Period. Or “.”

          • kingmz

            Again, you sure called it!!! Tannehill is clearly not the issue. Maybe passing the ball 75% of plays behind the worst line in the league was the problem, WHAT DO YOU THINK? Hmm interesting, we broke 2 dolphin and Marino records yesterday WITH TANNEHILL. You should really get a job in the NFL, you sure know what you’re talking about

          • kingmz

            How are all 3 of those WRs doing post tannehill? Why would you bring up those players when they had their best years playing with tannehill LMAO

        • dante

          What huge a load of BS…
          They were not afraid of the man. He was too nice; (Philbin was). After the last game last season, when Mike Wallace quit during the 2nd quarter AFTER Tannehill just threw a TD to Clay, the lil baby went to go sit on the bench for the rest of the game. What did Philbin do about it? Not a damn thing. If fact, Joe lied to the media after the game saying “Oh no. It wasn’t Mike quitting…we’d pulled him…” — Now that right there should never happen to a team. At least not w/o the HC going over to the bench where our highest paid player on the team (at the time) was & sent his ass to the showers & then to his multi-million $ mansion to sulk like a baby there.
          When players don’t fear the coach then they eventually will not respect the coach.

        • kingmz

          Good thing the team quit on Campbell due to tannehill, moron. 123 passer rating since Campbell took over, oh and the slew of records tannehill broke yeatersy. THANK BABY JESUS WE BENCHED TANNEHILL

    • Kevin Farris


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    • harleston

      It’s really okay if you don’t like Tannehill, but let’s not go bitter-buffalo here and charge off the side of a cliff.

      Tannehill is an ascending QB who’s had to deal with the dumpster-fire front office and coaching staff since he took over as QB. – I realize his numbers for this season do not yet reflect his ascension and I suppose someone will get hung up on that comment –

      His O-Line is TERRIBLE. The rushing game is virtually nonexistent – 13 carries/game between all three RB’s for a combined total of 202YDS!

      43/13 pass/rush is not a sustainable ratio week in and week out. The DEF has done nothing to keep MIA’s offense in the game.

      NOW, let’s not pretend your hyperbolic diatribe is anywhere near what I would classify as logical. I realize your grocery store example was a pedestrian attempt at A+B=C, but what you’ve come up with, Sir, is some sort of sitcom worthy non sequitur.

      Further, ” you have to throw deep often” is a ludicrous statement. Why in God’s name would your game plan be to rely on low percentage passes?

      What you need is solidarity. A real good base of players who are motivated to get the job done, a coach who can guide the way and ignite the flame and a quarterback who is composed and capable of driving the train.

      No, Tannehill will never be a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. He’ll never be in the HOF. But he is sure as hell a talented QB. I rank him over the likes of Alex Smith, Kaepernick, Newton, Foles, etc. He’s got composure and is capable WHEN HIS O-LINE GETS HIM TIME TO DO HIS JOB.

      IT’s too easy to pass the blame onto your QB. But look around at the rest of your team before you start calling for heads to roll.