Unified Running Back Theory

Scott Spratt investigates the effects of run blocking on running back efficiency with an eye on 2013 production.

| 4 years ago

Scott Spratt investigates the effects of run blocking on running back efficiency with an eye on 2013 production.

Unified Running Back Theory

The unified theory of everything attempts to reconcile the disparate theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. Football may be somewhat less complicated than theoretical physics, but the parameters of success and failure are too many to easily qualify. Steven Jackson was on the Rams in 2012. Now he is on the Falcons. The Falcons are a better team, have a better quarterback, throw the ball more often, and have a worse offensive line. Somehow those differences will combine to either help or hurt Jackson. I very much want to know which.

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Scott Spratt was named Newcomer of the Year by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. He also writes for The Hardball Times and contributes to ESPN Insider as a research associate for Baseball Info Solutions. Feel free to ask him questions on Twitter – @PFF_ScottSpratt

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  • Birdybomber60

    S-Jax is one of my most targeted RB’s this year. I don’t think Atlanta’s O-line is as bad as depicted in this article, especially knowing they have this guy coming on through. If you don’t make your blocks, you will have cleat marks up your back!! With the diversity of this offense, I see the Falcons in this year’s Super Bowl, with Seattle as the only true competition. San Fran and Green Bay will make the playoffs obviously, along with New Orleans and Washington, but in the end, those two will be in the conference championship game. S-Jax will be a big part of that. HC Smith is very intelligent and knows how to use his offensive weapons. If the defense is even slightly above average, they will be virtually unstoppable. My recommendation, draft him if he falls to you. Peterson, Rice, Jackson…my top 3 RB’s . OH…and by the way, I understand and am currently working on the Unified Theory of Everything, and it is easier than figuring out fantasy stats and projections. Theory doesn’t depend on luck, fantasy football does!

    • Bok Bok

      Thanks for taking time out from your Constitutional vigilance to pontificate about the ol’ fake pigskin. I’m sure when the government confiscates all our guns, enforces abortions on families with more than one child, and institutes the Thought Crime Police, fantasy football will still be there as a balm for our Constitutional wounds.

      • Th’ Irate Pirate

        Yarrr, now THIS is why me fork over a few dablooms to PFF, ye just cant dig up infermation like this without hiring th’ cast of The Big Bang Theory t’ figure this stuff out,- Truelly, yer leavin’ no stone unturned thinkin’ up this stuff – I’ll have what yer smokin’ ,Cap’n Scotty ! Great info, great idea, but Th’ ol’ Pirate feels a little sea sick after this one ! Kinda like a good journey, but didnt pertically like whare I ended up … To no fault of yer own Cap’n Scotty, too bad all that pannin’ fer gold left ye with not much t’ show fer it, Nice concept ——- Th’ Irate Pirate