Two reasons why Mike Evans will have a breakout year

Tampa Bay's second-year wide receiver is poised for a big season. Jordan Plocher explains why.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

Two reasons why Mike Evans will have a breakout year

The first reason Mike Evans will have a big year is his fit within new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter’s scheme. During Koetter’s tenure as the OC of the Falcons, their red-zone offense was centered on how teams covered Julio Jones. Specifically, if teams single-covered Jones the play almost automatically went to him.

This is the role Evans will be playing for the Bucs this season. In the red zone, Evans will often be split out by himself with Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Vincent Jackson on the other side of the formation. Look for Evans to be the primary read in that scenario.

The second reason Evans is going to have a big year is that his new quarterback Jameis Winston likes throwing high to tall targets (Evans is 6-5) in the end zone. Winston had his best success at Florida State and posted an eye-popping 99 rating from us in 2013, when he had the option of throwing high to big targets like Kelvin Benjamin (now with the Panthers). Winston is at his best when he is placing the ball at the back of the end zone where only his big target can get it, and that is a strength of Evans’ game.

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