Trade Wins – Reliability or Volatility for the Playoffs

Ryan McKee looks at how you should shape your roster in the final trade weeks depending on your place in the standings.

| 3 years ago

Trade Wins – Reliability or Volatility for the Playoffs

russell-wilsonDepending on your league settings, you’re likely in single digits days left to make trades. By this stage you should have a good sense of your team’s strengths and weaknesses and your realistic chances of either making the playoffs or going deep in the playoffs. What you need to consider now is whether you can improve your playoff chances with a high risk or low risk strategy.

If you’re in the bottom rungs of the playoff ladder, it’s likely you’ll need a few surprise performances in the playoffs to upset a favorite. Yes, ‘any given Sunday’ and all that, but in starting 8-10 players each week, it’s likely that a top seed will outscore you at several positions.

If you’re nicely perched at the top of the standings and you’re scoring at a high rate, you’ll want to stick with safer, more reliable options.

You’re likely using some of our rest-of-season projections when determining whether to make a trade. Keep in mind, however, that baked within those projections are different levels of volatility. So with that in mind, let’s look at each position and both high risk and low risk options (I’m using FFToday’s fantasy scoring record).

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  • Nick Faria

    I’ve had Murray and Foster all year. Do I trade Foster for Lev’on Bell. . Due to injury and playoff schedule?