Trade Wins: Opening Week Primer

In the first of a season long series, Ryan McKee preps you for a busy and profitable trade season for your team.

| 3 years ago
Ray Rice

Trade Wins: Opening Week Primer

Ray RiceWelcome to Trade Wins, a weekly series aimed at equipping you with the best strategies and tactics to become an elite trader in your league. Trades are unique in that they require equal parts statistical analysis and tactical execution. This weekly feature will cover both areas, taking some of the psychological aspects of crafting winning trades and blending them with the deeper statistical analysis you’ve come to expect from this site.

I’d like to make this interactive as well, so leave comments below or tweet me your trade questions and I’ll try to answer them or even address in a future column. Let’s get on with it.

Before week 1 is in the books, you first want to think back to draft day and glean any insight that you can. Specifically, you’re trying to find out if anyone regretted a pick or is envious of one of your picks.

Did anyone post a strongly worded remark in the chat dialog when you took a certain player? Anyone accidentally time-out with their pick and get stuck with someone they didn’t want? Anyone complain about a player immediately after drafting him?

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  • lawdawg14

    Made my first fantasy football trade of the year and immediately regret it. Year 2 of a 14 team keeper league, .5 PPR. Traded TY Hilton (already had Demaryius Thomas & Kendall Wright) and Kyle Rudolph (already had Julius Thomas) for CJ Spiller and Heath Miller along with swapping my 11th for his 10th rounder next year. Draft didn’t fall the way I thought it would at RB and ended up making what I believe will end up being a stupid trade to try and make up for being stuck with Trent Richardson and Pierre Thomas as my starting RBs. Hilton & Rudolph had been value picks on my draft board.

    • Ryan McKee

      Don’t be too disheartened lawdawg14. You probably overpaid a little for Spiller here, but as you said, you needed some help at RB. You may wish to drop Miller and just stream your backup, and then pick up someone like a Brian Quick to help nullify the loss of Hilton.

  • don Juan

    I’m in PPR 12 man team and someone wants to give me Lavian Bell and charles Clay for Julius Thomas and Jeremy Hill

    • michael orta

      Wouldn’t do it. Bell may end up splitting more carries with Blount that many seem to believe, and Thomas’ value should actually increase over last year with no Decker and the 2nd & slot receiver situations being in flux.

  • Colter

    I just got offerd Julius Thomas but they want Alfred Morris in return , it’s a league with only 3 Bench slots so I can only roster one tight end and right now I have Kyle Roudolph, is Julius Thomas worth the price?

    • shweetdeel


    • Ryan McKee

      I’d agree. With only 3 bench spots, a boost at RB is probably worth the drop from Thomas to Rudolph. But before you make the trade, I’d shop Thomas around first. Maybe you can get someone better than Morris – Ellington or Bell perhaps?