Trade Wins – In the Trenches

Ryan McKee looks at the concept of entrenchment and how you can make a marginal upgrade in similarly grouped players.

| 3 years ago
NFL: New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams

Trade Wins – In the Trenches

stacyWelcome to the start of trade season. Week four is when it all comes together. We’re a quarter of the way through the fantasy regular season, so we’re getting a pretty good sense of the value on our rosters. Win-loss records are starting to separate, and the start of bye weeks means opponents become more desperate to eke out a win. And the injury bug (plus this year’s suspensions) dilutes roster depth even further and makes stars out of backups.

Week four is also when entrenchment starts to loosen its iron grip. You may recall in previous weeks I talked about post-draft buyer’s remorse. The evil twin of buyer’s remorse is early season entrenchment. At the start of the season we tend to be get entrenched in our draft picks. We’re convinced our players are who we thought they were, and so making roster moves feels painful and maybe even ego-bruising.

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