Trade Wins – Dynasty Targets Pt. 1

Ryan McKee looks at a big free agency season in 2015 and how that will affect your dynasty dealings.

| 3 years ago

Trade Wins – Dynasty Targets Pt. 1

DeMarco MurrayWith the fantasy trade season behind us for this year, we now shift our attention to dynasty leagues. If you’re in a dynasty league and out of the playoff hunt – or even if you are, but don’t feel you have a realistic shot at winning – then it’s time to look to 2015.

This week and next week, I’ll be looking at 2015 free agency. Free agency is becoming more and more of an event akin to that of the NBA and MLB, and 2015 may be the most promising yet.

The biggest names to change teams (from a fantasy perspective) in 2014 included Rashad Jennings, Knowshon Moreno, Ben Tate, Chris Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Emmanuel Sanders and Golden Tate. Only about half of them panned out while Steve Smith and Brandan LaFell can also be deemed successes but were hardly considered big signings at the time. In fact, from an average draft position point of view, only Jennings landed inside the top 50.

But this spring will see a few upper echelon and many other notable players hit the open market. These aren’t second tier receivers like Sanders who landed in a great offense. These are players that are top 10 at their position regardless of the team they land on.

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