Trade Wins: Bye Weeks Bonanza

Ryan McKee discusses trading strategies that take advantage of the upcoming bye weeks.

| 4 years ago

Ryan McKee discusses trading strategies that take advantage of the upcoming bye weeks.

Trade Wins: Bye Weeks Bonanza

San Diego Chargers v Denver BroncosFantasy football trading is a bit like online dating.  You scour the site looking for that right match and once found, you then spend a long time trying to figure out just the right offer to make.  Once that email had been sent, you find yourself constantly checking your phone to see if they’ve accepted. If they do, you’re over the moon, instantly in love with your new acquisitions.  If they decline, you’re dejected and right back at square one.

Well, if trading is a bit like dating, then the next two weeks are like a Club Med cruise.  Weeks 8 and 9 are the biggest bye weeks of the year, with 6 teams apiece on break.  As the astute fantasy football dealer that you are, you know that this is a prime trading window.

In fact, it is truly a perfect storm for trading purposes.

Consider this:

1. With 7 weeks under our belt (after this weekend), the have and have not teams in your league have started to distinguish themselves.  There are clear top tier teams, middling teams and left-for-dead teams.  Hopefully in your league, there aren’t too many of the latter, as there’s nothing worse than having teams throw in the towel mid season.  Considering we’re at the halfway point, most teams should still be fighting for a playoff berth.

Most likely, you’re going to have a number of anxious teams – teams that are 4-3 or 3-4 that don’t feel entirely secure about their team.  These guys will be especially eager to get through the heavy bye weeks relatively unscathed.

2. The free agent market is starting to feel a little tapped out.  In the early weeks, we had a few cheeky flirts with the Eddie Royal and Da’Rel Scott types.  We may have even had a one week stand with Marlon Brown or James Starks (is this analogy getting weird?).  But now we know who’s legit and who isn’t and we’re not getting played by impostors again.  The good ones on the market have been snatched up and now we’re left with temporary stop gaps like Joseph Randle and Nick Foles.

The point is, you have teams in your league starting to gain separation, you have a free agent market that’s starting to dry up and now you have 12 teams on bye over the next 2 weeks.  There is no better time to poach on the weak, the feeble, the vulnerable, like right now.

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  • Trader

    Man, i made two trades this season in two separate leagues. Both of them are backfiring as of now :)

    Traded (Non PPR) – Knowshon+Djax+Pryor = Kaep + Randall Cobb. have T-rich, AP and sproles as other RBs., Garcon, wayne and josh gordon as other WRs.. With Cobb’s injury and resurgence of moreno that backfired :)

    Traded (in 0.5 PPR) – Lynch for Miller, Colston and Olsen (needed depth due to injuries). Already had Forte and Jamaal Charles as other RBs – auction league. Lynch has been beastly, miller and colston are not performing to expectations. I am 2-4 in both leagues :)

    Sometimes, trades can work against you. i am hoping second half of the season will be better :)

    • rmckee

      Ouch, that first one is particularly painful but I can the reasoning at the time. The second one might still turn out, as Colston and Miller seem due for bigger second halves. But yeah, that’s the thing with trades – you just don’t know. You can put solid analysis and reasoning behind it and then an injury or bad luck works against you. Good luck in the second half.