Trade Wins – Buyer’s Remorse in the Big D

Ryan McKee looks at buyer's remorse and who might be available early on from a panicking owner.

| 3 years ago
DeMarco Murray

Trade Wins – Buyer’s Remorse in the Big D

murray I’m not off to a great start after week 1, sitting at 0-3 on the three leagues I care most about. My QBs have led to my downfall in Week 1, as Nick Foles, Tony Romo and Jay Cutler were among the worst performers in PFF overall rating. My only solace is that I’m the highest scoring 0-1 team in each of the leagues, so I’m not panicking. Likewise, you’d be wise not to panic no matter how dour things may look for you after the opening week. Remember how much preparation you did before the draft, remember how highly your players were ranked by top analysts, and remember the picks you made that you really felt great about. Yes, the new reality of the regular season puts all of that planning in the rear view, but there’s a long way to go. So hold tight and remain confident – there will be better weeks ahead.

Having said that, it’s important to know when you should worry and, for the purposes of a trade column, when to cut your losses. But we’ll tackle that next week; this week let’s hone in on a well-known phenomenon called buyer’s remorse.

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