Trade Wins – Bounce Back Candidates

Ryan McKee looks at a few fantasy studs that are a good bet to bounce back in the second half.

| 3 years ago

Trade Wins – Bounce Back Candidates

nextmanWK11kaepernickThe last few weeks have been very interesting in the fantasy world. While guys like Andrew Luck, DeMarco Murray and Antonio Brown are givileading the pack at the top of their positions, we’ve also seen the emergence of some late season bloomers. Those that hung onto Tom Brady, LeSean McCoy and TY Hilton are reaping the rewards now; and those that jumped on Ben Roethlisberger, Denard Robinson and Martavis Bryant a few weeks ago aren’t complaining either.

But who are the next players ready to break out? With only 1-2 weeks left before your trade deadline, this may be your last chance to buy low on a player that can truly make a difference. So for today, I’m only looking at top end, startable assets that you may be able to acquire at a slight discount.

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick has finished well in each of the last two seasons (to be fair, he hardly played in the first half of 2012). Have a look at his rank splits over the last two seasons, plus the first half of this season:

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  • E_dub

    Regarding Kaep that sounds great and all but have you watched the 9ers lately? That offensive line is…well offensive. The Rams dropped him for 8 sacks. His decision making has always been suspect, even more so under pressure.

    • [email protected]

      This is the NFL, you can’t hold the ball forever and expect to not get sacked. That being said, taking a sack isn’t the worst thing. Aaron Rodgers takes a lot of sacks.