Trade Wins – 2nd Half QBs

Ryan McKee looks at which QBs might be in line for a strong second half of the fantasy season.

| 3 years ago
Nick Foles

Trade Wins – 2nd Half QBs

082012-nick-foles-400Predicting second half surges is one of the most important aspects of fantasy football. Every year, players emerge late in the season and propel astute owners to championship glory. Although we tend to think of RBs and WRs as the emerging talents, you shouldn’t assume the current QB ranking will remain this way. If history tells us anything, there are at least a couple QBs that vault into QB1 territory in the second half.

The following table shows these QBs. To qualify, a QB had to be outside the top 12 (Tom Brady was right on 12 in 2010) during the first eight weeks of the season and then finish inside the top 12 for the second eight weeks. They also had to move at least 10 spots up the ranking in that time, so simply moving from 16th to 10th isn’t going to cut it.


2013 N. Foles 33 1 IR
2013 B. Roethlisberger 21 3 GI-R
2013 T. Brady 22 5 GI-R
2013 R. Tannehill 19 8 GI-Y
2013 R. Fitzpatrick 36 9 IR
2012 R. Wilson 23 4 GI-Y
2012 C. Kaepernick 35 13 IR
2011 T. Tebow 31 7 PR
2011 C. Palmer 45 12 GI-R
2010 M. Vick 26 1 IR
2010 T. Brady 12 2 GI-R
2010 B. Roethlisberger 31 4 GI-R
2010 M. Cassel 23 5 GI-R
2010 J. Cutler 24 6 GI-R
2010 M. Schaub 17 7 GI-R
2009 D. McNabb 20 3 GI-R
2009 V. Young NA 10 PR
2008 M. Cassel 20 1 GI-Y
2008 T. Thigpen 29 2 IR
2008 S. Hill 42 11 PR


The last column consists of an abbreviation that serves to group the players based on the reason for their emergence. These abbreviations consist of:


Injury Replacement: these passers took over from a injured starter and went on to perform better than expected. Nick Foles taking over for Michael Vick (who took over from Kevin Kolb three years earlier) and Ryan Fitzpatrick replacing Jake Locker are the most recent examples, but Colin Kaepernick replacing Alex Smith in 2012 is another notable one (Kaep finished just outside the top 12, at 13, but I decided to include him anyway).

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  • giveususfree

    As his OL eventually comes back together from injury, that’ll be another plus for Foles.

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