Top StarStreet Values – Week 3

Josh Collacchi breaks down the best values for Week 3 at and tells you how you can win a trip to the Playboy Mansion.

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Top StarStreet Values – Week 3

garconcelebratesWeek 3 of fantasy football in underway, and the lineup setting for Sunday is starting to form. Like every week, I recommend that you head over to for your daily fantasy games.

At StarStreet for this week, I’m going to take my shot at winning the trip to the Playboy Mansion. Here are the details:

$5 double up, $1,000 in cash prizes and free chances to be part of the Playboy Fantasy Football Championship.

First off, if you don’t know what the Playboy Fantasy Football Championship is (PFFC), you’re missing out. StarStreet, one of the top daily fantasy sites, is running a $250,000 tournament at the Playboy Mansion on Week 15. To win your way in you have to win a qualifier, and we’ve got the hook up for five free qualifier tickets.

All you have to do is:
1. Signup for StarStreet
2. Make a deposit (you’ll get your money doubled up to $100 with a 100% deposit bonus when you do)
3. Enter the $5 double up with $1,000 in cash prizes and 5 PFFC tickets added in (great value).

Not only does StarStreet have the by far the coolest live event (seriously, the Playboy Mansion), but they also have an amazing VIP rewards program and a great roster setup (no Kickers or Defense). The pricing is always spot on and the interface (mobile included) is amazing. All around it’s a great place to play.

Want to earn your trip to the Playboy Mansion? Click here to play.

I will definitely be playing in this tournament, as once again StarStreet offers yet another low risk but high reward contest.

Now let’s get into my picks for Week 3.

Each week there will be a column of the players who have the most value at each tier for the given week. There are arguably three tiers of players in Daily Fantasy Football: Top Tier, Second Tier, and the Value Tier. The Value tier consists of the players you would not normally consider, but for a given week the specific player is considered a good play. So each week there will be a list of three players at each tier. Obviously you want the top-tier players each week, but the salary cap prevents that. They key in Daily Fantasy Football is to get the best value at each position. Specifically, this could mean paying less on the salary cap for a better player. A good strategy is to get “average” fantasy players (Second or Value Tier) who have great matchups and mix in a few stars with favorable matchups as well.

Each respective position has a specific breakdown of what a “tier” is. At quarterback, the top tier for a given week are guys that could easily put up 350 yards and three or four touchdowns. The only players that could be in that top tier each week are guys like Drew Brees or Peyton Manning. But for a given week, a Matt Ryan could be a top tier quarterback based on his matchup. For the second tier, these are quarterbacks that may not get 300 yards and four touchdowns, but they have to potential to get to that level. A perfect example of a tier two quarterback is Matthew Stafford. Since the Lions throw the ball so much, he has the potential to get to even 400 yards for a given week. The last tier, but certainly not least is the value tier. This is based on the fact that the quarterbacks cost is much to low for what the likely production for a given week is. This could be a Michael Vick. While Vick is not likely to put up top quarterback numbers every week, and he doesn’t have the potential to do so each week, he does possess a great possibility of accruing a lot of fantasy points for a low price.

The same scale works for running backs. The top tier players are the Adrian Peterson and Doug Martin type guys. Every week they should have around 100 yards and a touchdown or two. These are the guys who win fantasy leagues for people. But as aforementioned, there are some players who can get to the top tier based on matchups. The same goes for the second tier as well. The perfect second tier running back is Demarco Murray. He could have 75 yards and a touchdown, but has the potential to get to over 100 yards and a touchdown or two. The value tier is based on matchups mostly as well, like the quarterbacks. This is for the backs that may get second half carries when a team is winning by a large margin, or the backup that gets a lot of carries. Ben Tate is a perfect value tier running back.

For wide receivers and tight ends, the tiers work a little bit differently. A top tier wide out or tight end has to be a guy who is going to get 10 targets almost every game. These are the Calvin Johnson’s and Jimmy Grahams. It is tough to break into this tier, but once a player is in it, he will likely stay there. Johnson and Dez Bryant are two bonafide tier one receivers. Tier two is for the fantasy players that will get between six and 10 targets, but could get a touchdown or a big play that could push them over the top. A perfect tier two player is Marques Colston. He consistently will put up six catches for 70 yards, but could get a touchdown or a big play to boost his value. The value tier is where it gets interesting for receivers and tight ends. This is the tier for the players that are usually the third or fourth options on the team, but will get enough looks based on matchups. For this week, Fred Davis is a perfect value tier tight end. The Eagles always struggle to cover tight ends, and Davis has proven to be a cushion for RG3 when he gets into trouble. Another value tier player is Jason Avant for the Eagles, who against the Redskins could see a relatively big game for his value.

Without further ado, here are my choices for Daily Fantasy Football for the third week of the season. Each player’s value is from, the choice of PFF Writers and fans alike! is based on a $100,000 salary cap.


Top Tier

1. Peyton Manning vs. the Raiders ($15,500)

2. Colin Kaepernick vs. the Colts ($14,600)

3. Drew Brees vs. the Cardinals ($14,600)

Second Tier

1. Cam Newton vs. the Giants ($13,100)

2. Sam Bradford vs. the Cowboys ($11,500)

3. Philip Rivers vs. the Titans ($11,300)

Value Tier

1. Jay Cutler vs. the Steelers ($10,600)

2. E.J. Manuel vs. the Jets ($10,200)

3. Geno Smith vs. the Bills ($9,800)

Running Backs:

Top Tier

1. Marshawn Lynch vs. the Jaguars ($13,600)

2. Matt Forte vs. the Steelers ($12,700)

3. Doug Martin vs. the Patriots ($12,800)

Second Tier

1. Trent Richardson vs. the 49ers($11,300)

2. Frank Gore vs. the Colts ($10,700)

3. Chris Johnson vs. the Chargers ($10,600)

Value Tier

1. Knowshon Moreno vs. the Raiders ($10,000)

2. Deangelo Williams vs. the Giants ($9,900)

3. Jacquizz Rodgers vs. the Dolphins ($7,700)

Wide Receivers

Top Tier

1. Calvin Johnson vs. the Redskins ($13,800)

2. Demaryius Thomas vs. the Raiders ($13,000)

3. Victor Cruz vs. the Panthers ($12,400)

Second Tier

1. Pierre Garcon vs. the Lions ($11,400)

2. Marques Colston vs. the Cardinals ($10,900)

3. Anquan Boldin vs. the Colts ($10,400)

Value Tier

1. DeAndre Hopkins vs. the Ravens ($9,700)

2. Steve Smith vs. the Giants ($10,100)

3. Josh Gordon vs. the Vikings ($9,5oo)

Tight Ends

Top Tier

1. Jimmy Graham vs. the Cardinals ($12,400)

2. Tony Gonzalez vs. the Dolphins ($9,800)

3. Jason Witten vs. the Rams ($9,600)

Second Tier

1. Jared Cook vs. the Cowboys ($9,400)

2. Antonio Gates vs. the Titans ($9,300)

3. Martellus Bennett vs. the Steelers ($9,300)

Value Tier

1. Brandon Pettigrew vs. the Redskins ($7,800)

2. Jermaine Gresham vs. the Packers ($7,700)

3. Kellen Winslow vs. the Bills ($7,800)

Here are some affordable teams on for this week. As you can see, there are some good combinations that could be had:

POS Player Price
QB P. Manning $15,500
QB C. Kaepernick $14,600
RB D. Wilson $9,800
RB D. Williams $9,900
WR C. Johnson $13,800
WR V. Cruz $12,400
TE B. Pettigrew $7,800
FLEX C. Patterson $7,100
FLEX A. Roberts $9,100


POS Player Price
QB C. Palmer $11,100
QB D. Brees $14,600
RB D. Sproles $11,300
RB J. Bell $9,700
WR V. Jackson $12,300
WR P. Garcon $11,400
TE J. Cook $9,400
FLEX M. Austin $10,100
FLEX S. Smith $10,100


POS Player Price
QB T. Romo $12,200
QB C. Newton $13,100
RB J. Bell $9,700
RB G. Bernard $9,800
WR P. Garcon $11,400
WR J. Edelman $10,300
TE J. Graham $12,400
FLEX W. Welker $10,700
FLEX A. Boldin $10,400


Good luck and if you have any questions, ask me on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi before Sunday at 12:45 EST!

Do not forget, is matching your first deposit up to $100. Be sure to set your teams up as soon as possible.

In addition to PFF, Josh writes for eDraft and ProFootballCentral. With any comments or questions, each him on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi !

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