Top StarStreet Values – Week 19

Josh Collacchi takes a look at the best values on StarStreet this week for the divisional playoffs.

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Top StarStreet Values – Week 19

460xIt is divisional playoff time and Week 19 in Daily Fantasy Football is here. As always, head over to StarStreet to make your picks and start winning real money today. You can play against friends, enemies, co-workers and even take a complete stranger’s money. Head over to StarStreet and get started today.

You can play against me as well, send me a challenge here, if you are a new member, challenge me to a free $5 game.

All you have to do is:

1. Signup for an account.

2. Make a deposit

3. Start playing for real money, to go to the Playboy Mansion, and the opportunity for $100,000 in the Playboy Fantasy Football Championship. The qualifying for this year’s PFFC is over, but there are still a number of different things to qualify for. Head over to StarStreet and check it out!

Not only does StarStreet have the by far the coolest live event (seriously, the Playboy Mansion), but they also have an amazing VIP rewards program and a great roster setup (no Kickers or Defense).

StarStreet also has another great game called Pick 5, which can also be played from our site. Click here to play.

Rather than choosing a few players at each tier, focusing on one lineup seems to be the best way to win.  This lineup is used for many head to head match-ups and in multiplier tournaments. If you want to maintain a steady flow of cash, play the head to head games. But if you are looking to “go big or go home” try the multiplier tournaments.

I have found that the best players play “double ups” exclusively, then put a few lineups in for the big tournaments. That way, should you not place in a big tournament, the ability to make money is still there with the multipliers. In multipliers, the idea is not to have the “best” lineup of the bunch. You just have to be in the top half. This requires different structure to a lineup.

Here is my lineup for this week, there is only one lineup for this week because of the limited number of players.

POS Player Price
QB P. Rivers $11,900
QB C. Kaepernick $12,500
RB D. Woodhead $10,500
RB S. Vereen $12,100
WR G. Whalen $8,300
WR K. Allen $11,200
TE A. Gates $9,000
FLEX M. Lynch $12,900
FLEX W. Welker $11,600

First, the two cheapest starting quarterbacks are the ones I chose, Rivers against Denver and Kaepernick against the Panthers, clearly the two best values at QB, and seeing how it allowed or a good rest of the roster, it was worth it. At running back, two guys who will be catching passing all day long in Woodhead and Vereen have a low floor at around 10 points, meaning that if either one scores a touchdown, the value should pay for itself.

At wide receiver I went with one guy who had minimal salary, but not minimal production. Griff Whalen has been a favorite of Andrew Luck over the past few weeks, and with Aqib Talib on T.Y. Hilton, expect Whalen to get his fair share of catches. Keenan Allen could finish as the top wide receiver this weekend, as the Chargers will need him to be productive to beat the Broncos. He is a bargain at $11,200.At tight end, Gates at only $9,000 is a steal, the Denver Broncos have been terrible against tight ends this season, and always remember what Gates can do, not what he has done over the past few weeks.

This leaves $24,500 to spend, which was able to net me the best running back left in the playoffs in Marshawn Lynch who should have a huge day at home against the Saints, who are allowing over 110 yards per game on the ground this season, and in the playoffs, the Seahawks will feed their best player early and often. Last of the two flexes is Wes Welker, who makes his return to the field from a concussion. The Chargers will need to get pressure on Peyton, and Manning knows that, so look for the infamous six yard out play on third and long that Welker can turn the corner and pick up the first down a lot this weekend. I fully expect Welker to play every snap as he normally would, and he is a bargain in PPR scoring at $11,600.

Good luck to everyone this week.

In addition to PFF, Josh writes for eDraft and ProFootballCentral. With any comments or questions, each him on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi !

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