Top StarStreet Values – Week 18

Josh Collacchi takes a look at the best values on StarStreet for Week 18 with a special guest.

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Top StarStreet Values – Week 18

V1kBB.St.4It is playoff time and Week 18 in Daily Fantasy Football is here. As always, head over to StarStreet to make your picks and start winning real money today. You can play against friends, enemies, co-workers and even take a complete stranger’s money. Head over to StarStreet and get started today.

You can play against me as well, send me a challenge here, if you are a new member, challenge me to a free $5 game.

All you have to do is:

1. Signup for an account.

2. Make a deposit

3. Start playing for real money, to go to the Playboy Mansion, and the opportunity for $100,000 in the Playboy Fantasy Football Championship. The qualifying for this year’s PFFC is over, but there are still a number of different things to qualify for. Head over to StarStreet and check it out!

Not only does StarStreet have the by far the coolest live event (seriously, the Playboy Mansion), but they also have an amazing VIP rewards program and a great roster setup (no Kickers or Defense).

StarStreet also has another great game called Pick 5, which can also be played from our site. Click here to play.

Before getting into my picks this week, we have a special guest who will be making his picks for us.

His name is Matt Rittle, you can find him on Twitter @FFRittle, and he is a fantasy football writer at 4for4Football, and a contributor to RotoViz. In addition, Matt is a daily fantasy football fanatic.

Here are his picks for the week:

POS Player Price
QB A. Dalton $12,100
QB A. Smith $11,800
RB J. Charles $14,500
RB J. Starks $8,000
WR A. Green $13,000
WR A. Boldin $11,000
TE J. Graham $12,400
FLEX K. Hunter $7,300
FLEX D. Brown $9,900

Some words from Mr. Rittle, “Maybe it’s just me, but I feel the top options this weekend are clear with Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, AJ Green and of course Jimmy Graham rounding out the players I love the most. These guys are some of the most talented (non-QB) fantasy players going this weekend, and all also have some of the best match-ups available to them.  Call me greedy or too-superstar-minded, but the point of this lineup is to get as many of those plays in as I can.

At QB I took two of the cheapest QB options available this weekend. Dalton cost $200 more than Rivers, the second-cheapest QB, but I like his side of that match-up much better, and it also allows me a QB/WR stack when I play AJ Green.
At RB, I unfortunately could not fit both Charles and McCoy into the budget, and had to choose. This is like asking if I want something awesome or fantastic. I took Charles, but couldn’t fault anyone on either side of that choice. You’ll note the odd plays of Starks at RB and Hunter in the flex. That was a simple matter for me. Scrolling up the Star Street pricing chart, they were literally the two cheapest guys I could find I view as start-able. Starks has been getting some relief carries for Lacy for a few weeks now. He may pick up a few carries even without a Lacy ankle tweak – which is totally possible. Hunter is always explosive and faces off against the weakest defense in the playoffs. Generally I don’t like playing cheap and limited-usage RBs, but such is the price I pay for affording Charles under these pricing points.
At WR, I have what I feel is the best WR play this weekend in AJ Green. Boldin I just felt was a great value for his price.
Jimmy Graham speaks for himself at this point, and Donald Brown was the best player I was left able to afford. Worth noting, on those two accounts, that the Philly defense is one of the better tight end matchups in the playoffs, and the Chiefs defense probably hasn’t been as good for weeks now as you think.”
Once again, follow Matt on Twitter @FFRittle

Rather than choosing a few players at each tier, focusing on one lineup seems to be the best way to win.  This lineup is used for many head to head match-ups and in multiplier tournaments. If you want to maintain a steady flow of cash, play the head to head games. But if you are looking to “go big or go home” try the multiplier tournaments.

I have found that the best players play “double ups” exclusively, then put a few lineups in for the big tournaments. That way, should you not place in a big tournament, the ability to make money is still there with the multipliers. In multipliers, the idea is not to have the “best” lineup of the bunch. You just have to be in the top half. This requires different structure to a lineup.

Here is my lineup for this week, there is only one lineup for this week because of the limited number of players.

POS Player Price
QB A. Rodgers $13,100
QB C. Kaepernick $12,800
RB P. Thomas $9,300
RB D. Brown $9,900
WR J. Nelson $12,100
WR A. Boldin $11,000
TE V. Davis $10,100
FLEX M. Crabtree $10,600
FLEX R. Cobb $8,100

As you can see, this week I am high on the Niners vs. Packers game in terms of passing. With both Rodgers and Kaepernick, and each of their favorite targets, I am banking on a high scoring game, which may occur in Green Bay this weekend. Considering the Packers will need to score a ton of points and the fact that the Niners will need to match the firepower of Aaron Rodgers, this has the makings of a 38-34 game, which is what I am banking on. At running back, I went with two players who will get the most touches for their price in Donald Brown and Pierre Thomas. Each should see at least ten touches and could see a number of receptions. Donald Brown has become the lead back in Indianapolis, and with the Chiefs defense bringing pressure, Andrew Luck will look to dump it off to Brown all day long. The same goes for the Saints. Pierre Thomas is the safety outlet almost every time he is on the field, and with the Eagles looking to pressure Drew Brees, Thomas will be the beneficiary.

Good luck to everyone this week.

In addition to PFF, Josh writes for eDraft and ProFootballCentral. With any comments or questions, each him on Twitter @PFF_JCollacchi !

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