Top Preseason Grades: Tight Ends

Nathan Jahnke lists the five highest-graded tight ends of the preseason.

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Top Preseason Grades: Tight Ends

top-pre-grades-TEWe don’t know about you, but we’ve had some with preseason. It’s not the best way of seeing who will succeed when win-loss records start to matter, but it has given us a first look at some players and really gives second- and third-stringers a chance to prove their worth.

So with three weeks of action in the bag we’re going to be looking across all the positions to let you know who have earned the grades in the Top 5 at each position.

Now of course there’s a lot more than five players at each position we’ve graded. We’ve run every player to play a single snap on offense or defense through the grading process so if you want to see how they’ve fared this preseason, and get access to seven seasons worth of historical grades and access for 365 days which will include the entire 2014 season (and postseason) then you’ll need a PFF Premium Package. At only $26.99 you won’t get better value.

Tight Ends

1. Travis Kelce, KC: +5.0

Breakdown: He has made the most of his 13 preseason targets. He has caught 10 of those passes without a drop for 185 yards. What has really helped him is his play after catching the ball, where his 107 yards after the catch is by far the most for a tight end.

Signature Play: CIN @ KC, Q2, 3:01. He ran a post route, got past the slot cornerback, and sprinted down the rest of the field after the catch ending in a 69-yard touchdown.

2. Chase Coffman, TEN: +3.2

Breakdown: Despite being at the bottom of the depth chart, Coffman has made the most of his opportunities. While he only has six catches on 32 pass routes, five of them have gone for 15 yards or more.

Signature Stat: His 4.28 Yards Per Route Run leads all tight ends with more than 15 preseason routes run.

3. Vance McDonald, SF: +2.8

Breakdown: He made his mark as a rookie as a pass blocker, but on his targets in the preseason he has shown he can be a more dependable receiver. He has caught six of seven passes thrown his way for 62 yards and a touchdown.

Signature Stat: As a rookie, McDonald had a Yards Per Route Run of just 0.63. So far in the preseason that has increased to 2.14.

4. Zach Ertz, PHI: +2.6

Breakdown: The Eagles’ second tight end has continued to impress on limited passing plays. He is in the Top 5 in terms of receiving yards for tight ends despite playing at least 15 fewer snaps than the those ahead of him.

Signature Stat: PHI @ NE, Q2 1:29. He ran a go route, adjusted to the pass and caught the ball above his head despite a defenders arms on him to bring down the 20-yard completion.

5. Josh Hill, NO: +2.5

Breakdown: The Saints have plenty of talent at receiver, and they can likely add Hill to the list. He had one of the best receiving plays of the preseason. On top of that he has been an above average run blocker which lands him on this list.

Signature Stat: NO @ SL, Q2, 11:55. Hill caught a short ‘in’ route, and proceeded to run around the field making four Rams defenders miss, making his way 50 yards down the field as well as several yards horizontally.


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