Top FanDuel Football Values Week 16

Matthew Stein takes a look at the top football values for FanDuel in NFL Week 16.

| 4 years ago

Top FanDuel Football Values Week 16

mattflynnpackers*For those that are weekly readers, simply skip the first few paragraphs of explanation and jump down to the ideal matchups.  Don’t forget that the promo code ‘PFF’ is worth a 100 percent deposit bonus.


If you’ve never played weekly salary cap games, you’re missing out on an exciting game to play throughout the NFL season.  The game that we’ll be breaking down in this weekly article is for the website FanDuel.

For those of you that have never played a salary cap game before, I’ll quickly go over the rules so you can understand how these games work.  Each player is given a monetary value based on statistics, matchups and that player’s hype.  You then try to create the ideal lineup using as salary cap, such as $60,000.

The purpose of this weekly article is to point out the best values each week so you can make the most ideal lineup.  A few positions you’ll never see on this article is defenses and kickers.  With these positions you’re just basically looking for the most ideal matchup, whether that’s a rookie quarterback for a defense or a terrible defense for a kicker.

With all this information, let’s now take a look at some of the most ideal matchups over at FanDuel.  We’ll also give you an ideal lineup using these bargain players while also breaking down a handful of huge upside plays for the riskier folks out there.


Ideal Matchup at Each Position

Quarterback – Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers

The only way that Flynn is an ideal matchup this week is if Aaron Rodgers is once again sidelined due to his collarbone.  Since we won’t know that for another day or two, let’s just pretend that Flynn is available.

After throwing nearly 300 yards and four touchdowns last week, Flynn enters this week’s matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers with some momentum.  Also, the Steelers have a -11.4 grade in pass coverage this year, which obviously is not a great grade.

While we shouldn’t expect another second-half outburst like we saw last week with Flynn, this is a favorable matchup for a quarterback with a cost of only $6,300.


Running Back – Jordan Todman, Jacksonville Jaguars

Todman burst onto the scene last week against the Buffalo Bills by recording 109 rushing yards on just 25 carries.  At a cost of only $5,800 this week, Todman could pay off in a huge way.

The Jaguars play the Tennessee Titans in Week 16.  While the Titans haven’t been terrible against the run, they do have the 13th-worst run defense in the league.  The Titans are also coming off a game where they allowed two touchdowns on the ground and a total of 146 rushing yards.

If Todman can have similar success this week like he did last week while adding a touchdown or two, he could end up being the steal of the week.


Wide Receiver – Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers

The fact that Crabtree only costs $5,700 this week is basically highway robbery.  If you aren’t starting him in every one of your lineups, you should probably get your head checked.

Sure, Crabtree is still getting worked into the 49ers offense, but he’s seeing plenty of targets from quarterback Colin Kaepernick.  However, what really makes Crabtree a must-start player is his matchup against the porous secondary of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons have a -27.6 in pass coverage this year which is good enough for the 10th-worst in the league.  Look for Crabtree to have his best game since coming back from injury this week as the 49ers get ready for another playoff run.


Tight End – Charles Clay, Miami Dolphins

Few players have been as up-and-down as Clay has been this year.  After recording 97 yards and two touchdowns in Week 14, Clay only saw two targets against the New England Patriots last week.

While the Bills have one of the better defenses in the league, the Dolphins have momentum after a big win over the Patriots.  They’re also playing for a playoff spot, so you know they’ll be hungry for another win.

With a cost of only $5,500 this week, Clay is worth taking a chance on.  Hopefully his up-and-down season is a lot of up this week.


Ideal $55K Team

With only two weeks left in the NFL season, we’ll only break down an ideal $55K salary team from here on out.  The reason for this is because the $55K salary team is the most difficult to work with and playing with these teams can help you with larger salary teams.

Let’s take a look at our Week 16 team.


QB – Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers ($6,300) – He isn’t playing as terrible of a defense as the Dallas Cowboys this week, but Flynn has to be feeling good after his epic comeback from last week.  It’s also possible that he’s playing for another big contract this week, so he knows he needs to play well.

RB – Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins ($6,000) – Morris and the Redskins get the Cowboys this week.  Considering how terrible Dallas has been against the run this year (-61.9 grade), Morris might score more points this week than every other running back combined.

RB – Jordan Todman, Jacksonville Jaguars ($5,800) – With the Jaguars season already over, don’t be surprised if they run the ball often to see what they have in Todman.  It’s absolutely possible that Todman will get over 30 carries this week.

WR – Andre Johnson, Houston Texans ($7,800) – The Texans are going to need to score at least 40 points to beat the Denver Broncos this week.  And with Ben Tate and Arian Foster out, the only way they can do that is if they throw the ball a whole bunch.  Look for Johnson to have his best game in a long time this week.

WR – Keenan Allen, San Diego Chargers ($7,100) – Allen is becoming a must-start player nearly every week.  He posted two touchdowns last week and has an ever better matchup this week against the Oakland Raiders.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

WR – Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers ($5,700) – I still can’t get over how cheap Crabtree is this week and how ideal his matchup is against the Falcons.

TE – Charles Clay, Miami Dolphins ($5,500) – The Dolphins desperately need to win this week and the way they’ll have to do it against Buffalo is through the air.  Clay should have a bounce-back game this week after struggled in Week 15.

K – Alex Henery, Philadelphia Eagles ($5,200) – A matchup against the Chicago Bears could turn into a shootout with both teams vying for a playoff berth.  Henery has been solid this year and should put up plenty of points this week.

DEF – St. Louis Rams ($5,500) – With a favorable matchup against rookie quarterback Mike Glennon this week, the Rams could be the top scoring defense this week.  They’re also coming off a dominant defensive performance against the Saints, so this week has all the makings of a blowout in favor of St. Louis.

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