Top 10 Quarterbacks

Another Top 10, this one looking at the QB spot and which signal-callers have had hot starts to the 2014 season.

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Top 10 Quarterbacks

Top-Perf-WK02-QBsHere are the top 10 quarterbacks this year (after Week 2) as ranked by our overall play-by-play grading and updated during and after our All-22 Review. For all the grades at all positions grab yourself a PFF Premium subscription today.


1.  Matt Ryan (ATL) +5.2

Maintains the top spot on the back of his career performance in Week 1.

2.  Aaron Rodgers (GB) +3.8

OK Week 1, excellent Week 2 as he brought the Packers back to win.

3.  Ryan Tannehill (MIA) +3.7

The controversial one. Already has lost 113 yards in drops which skews his numbers.

4.  Drew Brees (NO) +3.1

It can be argued he did enough to win both games but was let down by his defense.

5t.  Austin Davis (STL) +3.0

Looked extremely competent against Tampa Bay. The question is, as opponents get more film on him will he continue to thrive?

5t.  Matthew Stafford (DET) +3.0

One great game and one incredibly poor one balance out here.

7.  Ryan Fitzpatrick (HST) +2.7

Fitzpatrick has a habit of flattering to deceive early. Texans fans hope this is the exception.

8.  Colin Kaepernick (SF) +2.6

Despite floundering on MNF, was good enough in Week 1 to hold this position.

9t.  Eli Manning (NYG) +2.1

Probably the most consistent of the Top 10. After a rocky preseason looks to be taking to the new offense.

9t. Kirk Cousins (WAS) +2.1 and Robert Griffin III (WAS) +2.1

Matching overall grade for the Washignton duo after putting in 78 and 75 snaps, respectively.



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  • Jason H.

    Interesting. Appears that, outside of Ryan and Rodgers, ranks 3 through 10 are only separated by a handful throws, though I’m still somewhat surprised by the inclusion of Eli and Tannehill.

    • Jason H.

      No doubt Matt Ryan is going to come back to earth when he starts facing good defenses, while Rodgers has already had to play Seattle and New York.

  • Rick S.

    I wonder why Peyton isn’t rated higher. No picks, with 6 TDs, only sacked twice and had a lot of WR drops. Maybe 3rd down efficiency?

    • JT

      Grading System is flawed…..Kaep top 8? No Peyton makes no sense.

      • Scott@Seattle

        Any grading system is. PFF does a pretty good job all things considered. But yes its an impossible task. My biggest criticism would be a bias against big plays or big mistakes. Not every play is of equal or even near equal importance.

        • Hannah Hayes

          If your team loses the game on 1 pick 6 after 30 good throws, it wasn’t the pick 6 that lost you the game. It was either TOs outside of the QB or horrific defense.

          • Scott@Seattle

            I said good throws. An incomplete pass is a good throw in a lot of situations. Like it or not its turnovers that decide games. San Diego beat Seattle because they recovered all 3 fumbles, if Seattle gets even 1 its a different game.

          • Hannah Hayes

            I feel like maybe you didn’t read my comment or comprehend it effectively.

          • Richard

            Actually, it does matter because of the timing. QB’s have to play within the situation and take chances based on that. A pick 6 to lose a game is the worst thing a QB could do in that situation unless it is a 4th down play. Throwing the ball away or taking a sack is preferable and the option the QB should take. The QB could get some leeway if the defender just made a great play or the ball was batted at the line and then intercepted or his arm was hit or something else that made the play go awry that wasn’t really the QB’s fault.
            It goes the same with a defense. It doesn’t matter how great they play throughout the game, if they are on the field with a lead, it is their job to keep the opponent from scoring. If the opponent scores, it is the defenses fault for the loss unless it was the offense that put them in a really bad situation. Situations where the opponent starts in field goal range or starts in the red zone, needing a touchdown.

          • Hannah Hayes


        • Richard

          I agree completely with this. I have created a grading system myself and have went through grading all the QB’s for each Super Bowl and when I went through the final rankings according to the grades I still found times where I thought a lower guy had actually played a better game. The reasons for that can be many. My system accounts for the situation that you suggest because I also have a drive rating included in the grading and a QB’s drive rating is damaged the most if he has a game losing interception. My grading system also gives higher ratings for more difficult throws and throwing under pressure. I feel my rating system is excellent for judging the abilities of QB’s over the long term but I do admit that it can’t be the final determiner when comparing 1 game to another because each game plays out differently. I am in the process of finishing the Super Bowl rankings and will be revealing them over a period of time once I get them all set on my website, I think PFF is probably the best current rating site. I do question it though because they have a lot of different graders and there may be some subjectivity to the grading which may lead to some QB’s being graded more harshly than others. I have seen Ryan Tannehill miss a lot of throws over the past 2 games, so I question him being on this list. Maybe I just didn’t watch him that closely though.

      • Frosty

        Read dude.

        PFF said that with only 2 weeks in the books, the sample size is very small, and that the difference between 3rd place and say 13th place might have been 1 or 2 throws. Give it a few more weeks and the orderings should start to clear things up.

        Buy the premium stats and see last year, all the players are ranked flawlessly IMO.

    • Obinwa

      Peyton manning has thrown a lot of wide receiver screens, gotten a lot of YAC these past 2 games

  • Lobo_Marino

    Kaep didn’t play on MNF, just FYI

  • JT

    Wow Austin Davis gets to 5 on one game but Cam didn’t make it to 5 despite the drops he had to deal with and still looked very good against Detroit’s D?

  • JT

    Also Brees was responsible for 7 of those points against the Saints do not say he played well enough against the Browns.

  • Jacob R

    How does Eli Manning get on this list?!

    • Rp23

      If you believe the BS from the media and butt hurt fans, then yes, you would be surprised. If you actually watch the freaking games, no, you’re not surprised.

  • Frank

    If you read the article they wrote on Ryan Tannehill, they did note that with only 2 weeks in the books, the sample size is very small, and that the difference between 3rd place and say 13th place might have been 1 or 2 throws. Give it a few more weeks and the orderings should start to clear things up

  • Glenn

    Wow, Rivers not even mentioned? Wasn’t he the starter on the team of the week in week two? I know he wasn’t spectacular in week one, but he wasn’t bad enough to deserve no mention.

  • Rp23

    Keep it up Eli. He’s getting acclimated to McAdoo’s offense. Let’s hope it keeps going and his receivers figure out how to catch the damn ball.

  • Jeff Jeffries

    These QB ratings/grades are a joke. It makes me doubt whether I can trust any of the other “expertise” being dished out on this site.