Top 10 NFL receivers entering Week 6

Julio Jones and Antonio Brown sit at No. 1 and 2 on our list of the NFL's top 10 receivers this season.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Brad Penner)

(AP Photo/Brad Penner)

Top 10 NFL receivers entering Week 6

The Pro Football Focus 2015 player grades made their debut this weekend, and with just one game left on the Week 5 slate, Julio Jones holds a narrow grip over Antonio Brown in WR our rankings.

Here are our top 10 wide receivers entering Week 6 of the NFL season:


1. Julio Jones, Falcons (95.0 receiving grade)

Jones had been so dominant through the first four weeks that a regression was expected, but two drops and a 50 percent catch rate in Week 5 wasn’t foreseen by many. His 3.04 yards per route run ranks third in the league.


2. Antonio Brown, Steelers (94.5 receiving grade)

With the injury to QB Ben Roethlisberger, Brown’s streak of five-reception, 50-yard games ended. An extra week of practice with QB Michael Vick should help their chemistry, as well as Brown’s hold on the league lead in YPPR at 3.49.


3. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals (90.1 receiving grade)

Fitzgerald has retooled his game this season to play both in the slot and out wide. Logging 61.7 percent of his pass snaps in the slot, Fitzgerald has just one drop on 44 targets and the second-best YPPR at 3.18. He also leads all WRs with a 152.7 passer rating when targeted.


4. A.J. Green, Bengals (87.8 receiving grade)

Green started the season inconsistently, but has come on strong the past three games, grading as the best WR in the league while notching 22 catches, 387 yards and two touchdowns in that span. If he keeps up his hot streak (and QB Andy Dalton continues to avoid the famous “Dalton Coaster”), Green can crack the top three spots.


5. Steve Smith Sr., Ravens (87.1 receiving grade)

Smith suffered by not playing this week, as the Browns’ pass defense has been very kind to opposing WRs. Leading all WRs in forced missed tackles (11), Smith has been even more impressive, considering QB Joe Flacco is having a career-low season.


6. Julian Edelman, Patriots (86.4 receiving grade)

Edelman started the season ranked No. 3, with an impressive 11-for-12 catch performance on just 48 snaps. With the sheer number of pass plays the Patriots run, Edelman needs to continue to receive double-digit targets to maintain his ranking. Week 5 only saw him targeted five times, but he made the most of those targets, forcing four missed tackles and averaging 20 yards after the catch per reception.


7. DeAndre Hopkins, Texans (86.1 receiving grade)

Leading the league in targets by 17, Hopkins is clearly the favorite option of whichever quarterback the Texans decide to put on the field. Also leading the league in yards at 579, Hopkins suffers slightly with a 56 catch percentage, four drops, and just two forced missed tackles.


8. Odell Beckham Jr., Giants (84.7 receiving grade)

PFF’s No. 1 WR a year ago, Beckham is struggling (by his standards) in his sophomore season. While not grading negatively in any game a year ago, Beckham’s Week 4 outing at Buffalo is something he’d like to forget. His two drops match his total a year ago.


9. James Jones, Packers (84.5 receiving grade)

The difference QB Aaron Rodgers can have on his receivers is epitomized in Jones, as the former Packer-Raider-Giant was thought to be washed up and done. Five games into the 2015 season, Jones has shown he still can produce with zero drops on 23 targets, a 142.0 passer rating when targeted, and 20.7 yards per reception.


10. Michael Crabtree, Raiders (84.0 receiving grade)

Another unlikely player to land on this list, Crabtree is thriving as the No. 2 WR behind rookie Amari Cooper. While Cooper is plagued with four drops, Crabtree has yet to drop a pass on 47 targets. Even though he has just one touchdown, he has forced four missed tackles, and has consistently moved the chains.


Just missing the list: T.Y. Hilton, Allen Hurns, Emmanuel Sanders

| Analyst

John is an analyst for Pro Football Focus and former safety for the University of Kansas Jayhawks (2004–2006).

  • Brian Dugan

    I love how no one is giving credit to James Jones for his renaissance season. Yeah Rodgers can maximize a WR, but maybe Jones wasn’t done? Maybe the more likely option is that the Raiders and Giants aren’t very good talent evaluators?

    • SteveS

      The fact that James Jones made this list is them giving him credit.

      • Brian Dugan

        “The difference QB Aaron Rodgers can have on his receivers is epitomized in Jones…”

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      • Douglass Pinkard

        Thank you. Apparently, Brian Dugan is either illiterate or deranged.

    • Joe Doe

      I feel the credit is on both Rodgers and Jones end. Certainly without the chemistry the two have together his production would be borderline roster-making. Even Cobb, who has been with the team for some time now doesn’t have the chemistry needed to be effective in the back-shoulder department. Although usually playing in the slot doesn’t help.

      I’m certainly hoping that the residual effect will be the young guys, Adams and Montgomery, learning that craftiness is critical to a long NFL career.

    • Richard Savery

      No. The Raiders drafted Cooper and signed Crabtree. No need for Jones.

      • Brian Dugan

        Totally. Rod Streater, Seth Roberts, and Andre Holmes are definitely better than James Jones.

        • PaulyG4

          Yeah, because this is fantasy football and player contracts have no bearing on roster decisions.

          • Brian Dugan

            Been watching the NFL recently? #3 WR (possibly #2 depending on who you think is better: Jones vs. Crabtree) is a starting position in the NFL… But you’re probably right, Oakland is full of talented players that will be demanding lucrative extensions. No way they could afford James Jones at $4 million/year for 2-3 years even though he lead them in receiving and was one of their few competent players last year. Next.

          • Marcus Johnson

            Jones played this good for the raiders first 5 weeks too last year then his age set in and they had to limit his snaps…

          • Chris Whitmore Sr

            Don’t believe the Hype his age had nothing to do with the drop in his production.. The rest of the league realized they had no other offensive threat but JJ! And the coaching staff wouldn’t allow Derek Carr to open up the offense!

          • PaulyG4

            Again, paying almost $4 million a year for a 30-yr old receiver is why he was cut, not because they thought any of those other players were better than he was.

            They replaced him with a cheaper and younger player that will do exactly what he did last year.

            Saying that he was cut because Oakland thought that Roberts, Streater, and Holmes were better is pretty stupid and shows how little you know of what you’re talking about.

          • Brian Dugan

            I’m impressed by your commitment to talking in circles and to being so adamantly wrong about this. Watching your butthurt level rise while saying, “You idiots don’t know anything about football!” is beyond amusing though.

          • PaulyG4

            Not really surprising that logic confuses you. The bottom line is that the Raiders did not simply look at their roster and say “player x, y, and z are better than James Jones, let’s cut him”, as you suggest. That’s simple logic used by a simpleton.

          • Vikings owned you

            STFU cheese head Vikings are coming for you fan-girl

          • Brian Dugan

            I’m impressed by your commitment to talking in circles and to being so adamantly wrong about this. Watching your butthurt level rise while saying, “You idiots don’t know anything about football!” is beyond amusing though.

          • Brian Dugan

            Also, using the Raiders of all teams as your champions of financial prudence and cap management is hilarious.

          • PaulyG4

            That’s completely irrelevant to my point. Again, your confusion is unsurprising.

          • jojomellon

            Oakland had more than enough cap room to carry Jones’ meager salary. They cut him because he didn’t produce. Period.

          • Chris Whitmore Sr


          • KaDurrh

            Leading receiver the previous year… but yeah, didn’t produce.

          • KaDurrh

            Leading receiver the previous year… but yeah, didn’t produce.

          • PaulyG4

            Jones was their leading receiver last year. Crabtree was cheaper and younger. $3 million a year for a 30-yr old receiver, when you’re not going to compete, is not a smart investment. That’s why he was cut.

          • Rick

            This might be the worst rebuttal ever.

          • PaulyG4

            Um, what? Clearly Oakland’s decision not to re-sign James Jones had to do with him being owed $3 million a year for the next 2 years. Their decision was not based on them thinking that Streater, Roberts, and Holmes are better than he is.
            What part of that very obvious point confused you?

          • 49ers=trash 3-13

            You like gay z so your opinion shouldn’t matter.

      • Chris Whitmore Sr

        Have you been awake this season? Imagine if it were Jones Cooper and Crabtree …

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  • Jaguars28

    Allen Robinson and Hurns?

  • crosseyedlemon

    I think Larry Fitzgerald was 10th on the list just a couple of weeks ago so it’s great to see that he is finally being recognized as a receiver who can be a game changer. I just love the passion and determination this guy brings to the sport.

  • Douglass Pinkard

    Keep not getting it guys.