Top 10 NFL quarterbacks entering Week 6

Steve Palazzolo updates the top 10 QB rankings, diving into some of the most compelling performances through Week 5.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Gary Landers)

(AP Photo/Gary Landers)

Top 10 NFL quarterbacks entering Week 6

Now that we’re five weeks through the season, and PFF has just unveiled its new PFF grades product, it’s time to take a look at the top quarterbacks by season grade on our new 0-100 scale. Due to injury, we’ve moved Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger off the list, though he was playing as well as anyone before going down. While we know that winning football games is a team effort, the best quarterbacks have done a great job of leading their respective teams to victory so far this season, as the top-four on this list are a combined 18-1 through five weeks of the season.

Here’s a look at the best quarterbacks in the league to this point in 2015.


1. Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals, 91.2

Palmer’s terrific start continued against the Lions on Sunday, even though he only had to throw the ball 14 times. He has been absolutely dominant at the intermediate level (10-19 yards), particularly between the numbers, where he’s completed 28-of-30 for 467 yards and five touchdowns.


2. Tom Brady, New England Patriots 90.3

This wasn’t Brady’s best game, as the Cowboys kept him off balance early on, but he got some help from his playmakers creating yards after the catch to post a strong line in the end (20-for-27 for 275 yards and two touchdowns). He has the league’s third-highest grade both under pressure and against the blitz.


3. Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals, 90.1

Dalton continues to silence his critics with a fantastic start to the season. Even though he made two of his worst throws of the season against the Seahawks (one interception, one dropped interception), he made up for them with a number of big-time throws. He’s shown great accuracy throwing down the field, and his 60.9 accuracy percentage on deep throws is second only to Ben Roethlisberger (12-for-23 with two drops).


4. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, 87.4

It was not your typical Rodgers-type performance on Sunday, as he struggled to find rhythm in the passing game against the Rams. He put the ball in harm’s way a couple of times, one of which was intercepted, but that was essentially offset by his other interception that came off an unlucky bounce off a batted pass. Rodgers has the league’s best grade when pressured.


5. Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills, 78.0

It’s perhaps a surprise to see Taylor this high on the list, but he’s made big throws and big runs for the Bills, and he did it again on Sunday. He had two game-changing runs in the third quarter, then did what he seems to do every week, and that’s break out a perfectly thrown deep ball, this time to WR Chris Hogan. He leads the league with five touchdowns on passes thrown at least 20 yards in the air.


6. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons, 77.3

Coming off his worst game of the season, Ryan just wasn’t sharp against the Redskins. He forced multiple passes into coverage, and had a fumble in the pocket, but he still managed to make a few big throws at the end. He has the fourth-best grade in the league when not pressured.


7. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks, 77.0

After a slow start, Wilson appears to have found his passing rhythm in recent weeks, despite facing more pressure than any quarterback in the league (45.6 percent of dropbacks). It’s still not perfect, as his interception was a blatant misread of coverage that was thrown right to a linebacker, but he didn’t miss on many other throws against the Bengals. As is usually the case, Wilson leads the league with 159 yards on passes thrown on scrambles outside the pocket.


8. Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders, 76.1

Carr held his own against the Denver Broncos, owners of the league’s best defense. He didn’t miss on many attempts, and while most will remember the pick-six that sealed the game, that play was on his receiver for failing to find the ball. On the season, Carr has made impressive strides, particularly under pressure, where he graded at -12.2 last year and is up to +1.1 in 2015.


9. Josh McCown, Cleveland Browns, 75.1

While the 457 passing yards may not have told the entire story for McCown, he’s played well in recent weeks. He made a number of big throws—while getting plenty of help from his playmakers on others—against the Baltimore Ravens in a huge overtime win. His +4.9 grade under pressure ranks second in the league, shades of his 2013 season in which he graded at +8.6 under pressure.


10. Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings, 74.6

Bridgewater was on a bye last week, but the last time we saw him, he was having a similar outing as Carr against the Broncos. He battled and kept the Vikings in it, before his fumble clinched the game for Denver. Bridgewater often flies under the radar, as he’s efficient in many aspects of the game, and he’s upped his big-time throw percentage to fifth in the league this season.


Stats of the Week

– We mentioned that the Patriots’ passing offense looking out of sync at first. Well, they made some adjustments as the game progressed.

– Here’s a Peyton Manning stat that you never would have seen two years ago: the Broncos’ QB has been blitzed 85 times, more than any other quarterback in the league. Though he’s handled it better in recent weeks, he’s still grading at -4.5 on those plays.

– Who is the best quarterback when moved off his spot in the pocket? Perhaps it’s no surprise to see it’s Aaron Rodgers, who is grading out at +6.2 on such plays, with a league-high 238 passing yards and four touchdowns.

– The best quarterback on three-step drops has been Washington’s Kirk Cousins, who leads the league in PFF grade (+4.4) and completion percentage at 85.4 percent on such snaps.


To see the rankings for all NFL quarterbacks, as well as for every position, access a free trial of our 2015 Premium Grades.

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  • Marcus Johnson

    Raiders got a qb…*sheds tear* lol

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  • Jim Winslow

    I know this all based on profootballfcous grades, but based on the offense the bills run taylor shouldn’t be that high. He is good fit for the offense the bills run but the playbook is relatively simple he would be nearly as effective in a more pass heavy offense.

    • LukeNSims

      It’s not based entirely on their “overall” grades, though. Blake Bortles is the ninth highest graded player in their stats and was fifth highest last week but doesn’t find himself on here. Both Bridgewater and Carr aren’t in the top 10 on the overall grades. Cam Newton is also off this list for some reason.

      There’s some emphasis on specific stats that affects this list. Not that it’s wrong, but it isn’t simply a ranking of the top 10, it’s a ranking of the top 10 based on measurements that are interestingly selected.

  • Jaguars28

    Bortles has 5x the TD passes Bridgewater has.

    • scott preller

      like last week when he basically had four in garbage time…. not always about the stats. BTW, Carr is better than both of them by a MILE!

      • Alex Glenn

        That isn’t true at all. Only one of them came in garbage time. The rest were very good plays during a meaningful part of the game.

      • Britney Klingensmith

        Lmao fuckin clown!!! Carr is better than Blake lmao hahahahahhahahahaaha dude you better wake the fuck up and snap Into reality… And garbage time I guess includes when your up by 4pts or the 2nd drive of the game as well what a fucking hater this clown is on Bortles OMG dudeeee Carr might be good.. Blake will be great. Call me when Carr has a 4TD game you clown.

        • Dan

          Last year week 6 against San Diego

        • Dan

          Last year week 6 against San Diego

        • Stephen Loflin

          Like Dan said, week 6 against San Diego. Perhaps analyzing football isn’t your thing sweetie.

        • Broncofan89

          Stop being the broncos bitch almost every year. Carr is garbage just like your franchise.

          • Stephen Loflin

            Seahawks bitch slapped you guys in the SB and Manning is having a horrible year. Carr is playing much better than Manning. Suck on that you Donkey bastard.

          • Johnny Rotten

            The Raiders still lead the all time series against the Broncos 59-49. Dipshit.

        • Johnny Rotten

          Derek Carr had a 4 TD game week 6 of last year, his rookie year vs San Diego.
          Right now Carr’s passer rating is 94. Bortles passer rating is 87.2
          Carr is also completing 63.6% of his passes. Bortles is only completing 57.1% of his.

        • Matt

          Watch the tape lady, Carr is a much better QB. He has all of the intangibles that Bortles does not have. Bortles won’t audible like Carr will and he certainly doesn’t throw a deep ball like Carr. Your QB had 4 TD’s against the Buccs lol. That is one of the most depleted secondaries in football so congrats Bortles. Also, you guys still lost the game. LOL

      • Jaguars28

        Wrong and even more wrong.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Andy Dalton

  • Britney Klingensmith

    These ratings are a joke… What has Bridgewater done to be a top ten qb lmao go tell Blake Bortles who is statiscally the 6th best QB already this year in what amounts to 1rull season. Rm Bortles is very young .. Not saying he is even deserving if you keep it all the way real… I know football very well.. And Palmer isn’t the best QB thus far its been Dalton if anybody… And Bridgewater nor Carr are better than Blake Bortles… Sorry.

    • Albert Sarabia

      LMFAO^^….must be brandon LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO

  • JT

    blah blah blah I’d take Cam over half these guys in an instant especially McClown.

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    Arguing on the interweb is a lot like winning the Special Olympics. Even if you win…you’re still a retard! Rubes…the whole lot of ya!

  • Malachi

    these are ratings, not grades i thought, idk

  • Douglass Pinkard

    I was supposed to keep Ryan Fitzpatrick off my fantasy team this week?! Thanks for the advice.