Ticking Timeshare – Week 10

Dan Schneier looks into all 32 backfield situations and updates each team's RB usage every week.

| 3 years ago
Matt Asiata

Ticking Timeshare – Week 10

Matt AsiataVolume is always a key component to a successful fantasy football season. In 2012, David Wilson averaged 5.0 ypc, 2.66 Yco/Att (yards after contact per attempt), and finished with six runs of 15 or more yards despite receiving just 71 carries. Volume was what kept Wilson back from being an elite fantasy contributor, and projected volume is what helped propel him into the second round of 2013 fantasy football drafts.

Projected volume and actual volume tend to differ on many occasions. Between offseason coach-speak, injuries, and concerns with pass protection, the reality is that projecting touches is a very futile exercise.

Instead of guessing, in this column every week we will take a look at snaps, touches in both the running and passing game, pass protection, and other interesting stats only available on Pro Football Focus. One game never tells the entire story, as game flow often dictates a player’s usage. However, we can gauge a lot from week one when accounting for factors like game flow and more.

Each backfield will be broken up based on overall usage, but I will only briefly touch on the backfields that haven’t changed much from the previous week. This column will focus more on timeshares and changing backfields. You can reference Week 1’s edition here, and any other previous weeks by clicking on my name under the title at the top of the page.

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Dan Schneier is a staff writer for PFF Fantasy, a former FOX Sports NFL scribe, and an auction format enthusiast.

  • LeBronc

    “Bill Belichick had the idea to throw the ball early and often against a Broncos defense that specializes in stopping the run, and this meant a ton of Shane Vereen.”
    If you mean blocking …yes…but like the CBS Sports fantasy analysts, folks keep getting it wrong about Vereen…he was 11 carries for 29 yards and 5 receptions for 38 yards…just slightly above his career game averages…used a ton?…please, stop the madness.

    • Dan Schneier

      I’m sorry for the confusion, but I meant this in relation to how the Patriots backfield has shaken out before and after Stevan Ridley hit the IR. It comes down to game flow. The Patriots aren’t going to force a guy like Jonas the ball when they’re in attack mode and with their passing game humming like this–I am expecting Vereen to be in on a majority of the snaps. I guess we are arguing about snaps and touches though, and in that area you are probably right.