The Hurt Locker: Why Fitzpatrick Is Good For Chris Johnson

Ryan Fitzpatrick could be just what Chris Johnson owners needed for a rise in production.

| 4 years ago

Ryan Fitzpatrick could be just what Chris Johnson owners needed for a rise in production.

The Hurt Locker: Why Fitzpatrick Is Good For Chris Johnson

chris-johnson_slideWe’ve all seen that ESPN commercial.

You know, the one from 2010 showing disgruntled fantasy players giving Chris Johnson heck for under performing. It features an irritated police officer exclaiming, “Oh, now you wanna run?” while writing Johnson a parking ticket.

If you’re anything like me the past three seasons, when you see that commercial you’re yelling at the television, “Yeah, that’s right, give him heck!”

While Johnson hasn’t exactly been irrelevant since his breakout 2009 season, he’s certainly underperformed since then. That’s what happens when you have a 2,000 yard rushing, 50 catch 500 yard receiving, 16 touchdown year, and millions of fantasy players wanting a repeat. He won many people a lot of championships that year, but this year the masses have had it with him, and for good reason.

He’s averaging a pitiful 3.3 yards per carry, he’s lost goal line carries to Jackie Battle of all people, and Jake Locker is too busy buying time in the pocket for Johnson to make up any ground in a point per reception league.

With just 277 yards rushing, four receptions for 12 yards, and zero combined touchdowns through four games, many fantasy players are considering selling him for a $1.25 and a bag of salt-and-vinegar chips, but that might be a bad idea moving forward.

With Locker suffering an injury that looks to be serious enough to keep him out for an extended period, sticking with Johnson in the interim could be a smart strategy with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center. Fitzpatrick certainly doesn’t strike up butterflies of excitement in the stomach of fantasy players, but his skill set – or lack thereof – does lend itself to be beneficial to Johnson.

Let’s look at some reasons why.

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  • White Heat

    Really odd that despite this compelling argument for an upswing in Johnson’s usage the week 5 projections look exactly like previous weeks.

    • Name

      He does have a tough matchup against the Chiefs’ front seven this week who have done well against RBs so far. Despite LeSean McCoy’s big game week 3, the Chiefs’ defense has given up the 3rd fewest points to running backs in ESPN standard scoring.

  • Gary Althiser

    It is disappointing that the Titans have to face the best defense in the
    league this week, but it could also mean good things. With the Chiefs
    having the best pass rush in football, and the Titans having a bottom 10
    pass blocking line, it could mean check-downs will come more for
    Johnson as Fitzpatrick refuses to hold onto the ball. Probably good news
    for Delanie Walker and Johnson owners, probably bad news for Kenny
    Britt, Nate Washington, and Damian Williams owners.