The Contrarian – Five Stealth Stats from 2012

Shawn Siegele takes a contrarian look at five PFF Signature Stats you might be able to exploit early in the season

| 4 years ago
Isaac Redman

The Contrarian – Five Stealth Stats from 2012

Isaac RedmanMost of the Contrarian columns I’ve written for Pro Football Focus in the past have dealt with big single concept issues. This summer, for example, I looked at Adrian Peterson versus Jamaal Charles and examined how much a forced missed tackle is worth. During the 2013 season, I’m going to be bringing you a mix of columns like that and columns that look at some of the surprising splits generated by PFF’s game-charting adepts. You don’t necessarily want to act on all of the information, but sometimes all that stands between you and a profitable waiver wire pickup is a faulty narrative.

Speaking of faulty narratives, here are five facts that put a different spin on a few of our commonly accepted beliefs.


1. Jake Locker wasn’t good in 2012, but he wasn’t as bad as most think.

Locker was accurate on 40% of his deep passes last season, the same percentage as superstar Tom Brady and a reputedly excellent deep thrower like Joe Flacco. He also ranked sixth in deep attempt percentage, coming in right with Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick. Pat Thorman recently made the case that Locker showed great progress in the preseason. He should be added in two-quarterback leagues.

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Shawn Siegele is a lead writer for PFF Fantasy and creator of Money in the Banana Stand. He also contributes to RotoViz and FanSided. You can follow him on twitter @FF_Contrarian.

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