Your One-Stop Shop for Free Agency

| 5 years ago

Your One-Stop Shop for Free Agency

Peyton Manning has made his decision, the list of free agents available is dwindling and teams are starting to look for depth and value signings. Here at Pro Football Focus we are providing you with a one stop shop for all you need to know about free agency.

All 32 NFL teams have areas of need that they are attempting to shore up through A) bringing their own free agents back, B) snagging quality players cut loose by other teams, or C) loading up on young talent in the draft. Any way they decide to go, you can be sure NFL front office staffs aren’t taking many days off right now. And neither are the PFF staff. We have a vast array of pre-Free Agency content as well as our constantly updated articles throughout free agency:

*The PFF Free Agent Tracker* *The PFF Top 75 Available Free Agents* *The PFF Deal Grader*


●  The PFF Live Action Blog breaking down all the news and rumors with quick, succinct analysis of every move

●  The PFF All-Free Agent Team

●  10 NFL players who represent tremendous value as free agents

●  Individual pieces looking at the value in Erin HendersonJason Jones and the crop of free agent nose tackles

●  Reaction pieces as we look at the surprise cutting of Eric Winston, receivers getting ‘paiiiid’ and the possibility of a team making a run at Lardarius Webb

●  Our Five Questions, Five Analysts analyzing every day of free agency

… plus Team Needs and Positional Rankings for each team and position, all linked below!


Team Needs

In this past couple of weeks, we’ve brought you team-by-team thoughts as to which areas each could stand to improve most and we’ve offered a handful of free agent fits they might consider. Naturally, some teams are better off than others, but all have their yearly offseason work to do to account for expiring contracts, unfortunate injuries, and under-performing players or units. And, even if most things appeared to be in order for some, “if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse”, right? (… or was that “if you ain’t first, you’re last.”??) Check out our notes for your team and your favorite rivals as we head into the 2012 free agency period:

AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West
● Buffalo Bills ● Baltimore Ravens ● Houston Texans ● Denver Broncos
● Miami Dolphins ● Cincinnati Bengals ● Indianapolis Colts ● Kansas City Chiefs
● New England Patriots ● Cleveland Browns ● Jacksonville Jaguars ● Oakland Raiders
● New York Jets ● Pittsburgh Steelers ● Tennessee Titans ● San Diego Chargers
● Dallas Cowboys ● Chicago Bears ● Atlanta Falcons ● Arizona Cardinals
● New York Giants ● Detroit Lions ● Carolina Panthers ● St. Louis Rams
● Philadelphia Eagles ● Green Bay Packers ● New Orleans Saints ● San Francisco 49ers
● Washington Redskins ● Minnesota Vikings ● Tampa Bay Buccaneers ● Seattle Seahawks


Top Free Agents

We’ve also approached 2012 free agency on a position-by-position basis, listing the best candidates available in ranked order per the thoughts of our analysts. As usual, some position classes are stronger than others. Click around on the below positional links and see for yourself where this year’s free agency strengths lie.

● Quarterbacks ● Tackles ● Interior DL ● Inside Linebackers
● Running Backs ● Guards ● Edge Rushers ● Outside Linebackers
● Wide Receivers Centers ● Cornerbacks ● Safeties
● Tight Ends



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