Tackle Report – Week 12

Jeff Ratcliffe recaps the home crew tackle tendencies from Week 11, and gives his projected tackles by team for Week 12.

| 3 years ago
D'Qwell Jackson

Tackle Report – Week 12

1411995882000-22-Colts28-mkUnlike offensive statistics, tackles aren’t considered official in the NFL. Consequently, we see a lot of variation across the league in how home stats crews record tackles.

Knowing the tendencies of each home crew can provide a significant advantage in IDP leagues. So each week during the regular season, I’m going chart the tackles awarded and discuss the insights we gain from this data.

You Got D’Qwelled – Week 11

In honor of D’Qwell Jackson’s 2012 and 2013 seasons where nearly 47 percent of his total tackles were assists, we will now call an abnormally high assisted tackle total “getting D’Qwelled.”

You never like it when this happens to one of your players, as it’s likely your scoring system does not weight solos and assists equally. While these players may not have put up the fantasy points you expected, it’s important to note that they are getting to the ball carrier. Their assist totals are largely the product of the venue stat crew and not ability.

Here are the players who got D’Qwelled in Week 11 (and yes D’Qwell Jackson got D’Qwelled this week):

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Jeff Ratcliffe is the Assistant Managing Editor and resident IDP maven of PFF Fantasy.  

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