Super Bowl XLVIII: Infographic

To kickoff Super Bowl week, Sam Monson offers an infographic of some of the game's intriguing numbers.

| 3 years ago
SB XLVIII infographic featured

Super Bowl XLVIII: Infographic

Super Bowl XLVIII: Infographic

| Senior Analyst

Sam is a Senior Analyst at Pro Football Focus, as well as a contributor to ESPN and NBCSports.

  • Robin

    Awesome awesome stuff here. Would love to see some more rate based stats (e.g. drops per target in the last graphic) rather than raw totals but otherwise I found this to be a very entertaining article.

  • Shane Inlosangeles

    Any chance you could include the ratio of drops by receivers? Only asking b/c sure the Broncos have more b/c they pass more. Just curious. Thanks!

    • realDirtyDish

      They pass 3 1/2 times more a game? So Manning will throw 85 times?

  • PFFSamMonson

    Added Percentage to the drop chart. Should be a clickable

  • Moses

    The game is at 3:30pm…..pacific time, not in 12hours…Go Hawks