Super Bowl XLIX Infographic

Ben Stockwell highlights numbers for the Super Bowl in this New England-Seattle infographic.

| 2 years ago

Super Bowl XLIX Infographic

| Director of Analysis

Ben joined Pro Football Focus in 2007, and has since been in charge of the company’s analysis process. He also contributes to PFF’s weekly NFL podcast.

  • Andrew

    We know Sherman and Revis are great corners, what we need is an infographic with maxwell and the other seahawk corners vs browner and the NE corners, thats were this games will be won!

    • eYeDEF

      But we already know the LoB is the superior secondary to New England. Browner has been the weak link in the New England secondary and he’s the DB Wilson will choose to throw at, no matter who he’s covering.

  • Alex

    There is no explanation in the “Beast Mode” Graphic. marshawn Lynch has 122 what?? Missed talkes forced?

    • Nik Hildebrand

      Lynch does have 122 missed tackles forced (rushing + receiving), so I guess that’s probably what they mean.

      • Alex

        Thanks for the clarification!

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    This is great.

    “Drunkowski by alignment” shows that he should be paid like a wideout.

    “Leading the way under center” shows what a game manager Wilson is compared to Brady, even on one of Brady’s off years.

    “Dropping the ball” might have something to do with deflate-gate, although I think it helped Blount just as much holding onto it as he ran over the Colts all night.