Fire up Ryan Fitzpatrick for a Week 7 streamer

Tom Van Wyhe breaks down why you need to stream Derek Carr this week and give Ryan Fitzpatrick another look.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

(AP Photo/Tim Ireland)

Fire up Ryan Fitzpatrick for a Week 7 streamer

Three streaming quarterbacks in the top 13? I’ll take it, although I regret passing on Brian Hoyer, a shoo-in candidate against Jacksonville, which features the worst pass coverage in the NFL.

More surprising was seeing Ryan Fitzpatrick pass for 253 yards and two touchdowns against Washington’s top-five pass rush. He even ran for an 18-yard touchdown, the 12th of his career. The talent around Fitzpatrick, including Chris Ivory, Brandon Marshall, and Eric Decker, makes him an intriguing, if limited upside, fantasy stream most weeks. In fact, he’s been among the most consistent quarterbacks in the league. Here are his fantasy points each week of the season, using standard scoring.

fitzpatrick points per week

While his Week 6 is well above his weekly standard, most of that is due to the running score. His overall passing numbers have been remarkably consistent. This doesn’t make him a bad stream. I’d argue the opposite. There are certainly weeks when getting 15-20 points is all you really want, or need, from you quarterback. Fitzpatrick balances the risk-reward scales in your favor under those circumstances.

But he’s also been consistent for another reason: his defense. New York has allowed just 15 points per game this season, the best rate in the league. This has enabled the Jets offense to more easily balance the run and pass. This week, they face New England, an opponent accustomed to scoring 30-plus points each week. Consequently, one expects Fitzpatrick will need to find the endzone more often than usual to keep up.


Last week’s picks

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  • ZB

    I just don’t see how you claim the SD pass D is bad but then rate them individually as “lock down” (+2 and +3) corners… They just pretty much held the best QB in the league in check for most of the game in Green Bay. I’m thinking you guys are playing DFF at this point and steering people. Sucks. Never paying again.

    • J.R.

      I agree Daily Fantasy gambling has ruined the fun out of fantasy. It’s all about money now and hopefully Draftkings/Fanduel get shut down by the Feds with all the insider info going on. It’s not like anyone has a chance to beat professionals who play it for a living anyway.

      • dee

        speak for yourself, i’m just as good as so called pros in DFS. the thing is the average joe doesn’t have the time to put in the work it takes to be successful. DFS has made fantasy better in my opinion, season long fantasy is only about the draft after that it becomes boring.

        • Kurt Knuckle

          Agreed. most folks don’t have the time to watch the majority of games, much less half of them.. then read all the analysis and keep up with all the news. which is why we BALL!

          • LeBronc

            Coming from the guy who put Jordan Matthews, Josh Brown, and an unhealthy Dion Lewis in one of his Fanduel CASH lineup recommendations week 6…

          • Kurt Knuckle

            Week 6 was good to me netting +30 percent profit – Im no pro – but to start a troll revolution against me is ill advised

        • J.R.

          Everyone claims they are as good as the pros. Unless you have software and ability to formulate algorithms then you haven’t limited ability to win. Besides for every one entry you put in DFF. They put in 1000 entries. Which increases their chances x1000 to win.

          And it’s only boring because you’re not a true fan.

      • Lux

        I have beaten Condia & Maxdaulry or however you spell the name in head 2 head games a few times just to gauge my level of play in the past, NBA & NFL, it is possible to win, I’m an average Joe who has to be efficient with my research time, listen to podcasts while in the car or before bed, blah blah, put in the time to find what best suits you in your research.. but that’s with anything!

        • J.R.

          As DFF pros admit. For every one entry you put in DFF. They put in 1000 entries. Which increases their chances x1000 to win. They let regular people win, a little money, on occasion or no one would play.

          Besides its gambling. It belongs in Vegas

  • Maria

    How about these options:
    Tyrod Taylor vs Jac
    Tanehill vs Hou or
    Bortles vs Buf

    • Paige Taylor

      I like tannehill. Consistent FPs week to week, rushing ability increases floor, and 2 TDs in each of last 4 gms.

    • Friendly Fire

      Tyrod has been ruled out already. Tannenhill a good play.
      Bortles is good but playing injured and probably no Yeldon to keep defenses from stacking.

  • Lux

    @ZB don’t base all of your moves off of one site, this site does have alot of info other sites couldn’t offer so, choose wisely. I have 3 main sites I hit up when researching. PFF has introduced me to players before they blew up, good podcasts, great articles, so yeah, PFF is good by me. By the way Green Bay? I feel sorry for such an awesome QB to suffer not having proper weapons such as a stable run game to @ least open opportunity to throw to his current stable of weak WR’s. His own team keeps him in check, not the defense

    • Tyler

      Out of curiosity, what are your other two?

      • Lux


        • Tyler

          Yeah? We’ll never play each other in a league. But ok then.

          • Lux

            Nothing secret, Footballguys and Football Outsiders


    DFS has enhanced daily fantasy. And I don’t think these guys are steering us in the wrong direction to make it easier for them to win. Before I used this site I was an average player. With the info they have given me so blade more money in the first 6 weeks than I did all last season! Besides I play mostly head to heads which is where the real money is. A lot of people get on thinks my they need to enter a whole bunch of tournament line ups which is wrong. I don’t even shoot for the million dollars if I do I just shoot for a couple hundred. But this site plus a couple other that I use = big bucks on sundays