StarStreet’s Thanksgiving Pick 5

Josh Collacchi takes a look at this week's StarStreet Pick 5

| 4 years ago
NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

StarStreet’s Thanksgiving Pick 5

NFL: Detroit Lions at Green Bay PackersOne of my favorite games over at StarStreet is their Pick 5, which you can play for free each week to win a ticket to other daily games or for money.

The game is simple. There’s five player vs. player matchups, and you pick who you think will score more that week. The best part is that you can play straight from our site by clicking here.

Here’s this week’s Thanksgiving Pick 5:

Matt Flynn vs. Matt McGloin

Reggie Bush vs. Eddie Lacy

Rashad Jennings vs. Le’Veon Bell

Dez Bryant vs. Antonio Brown

Torrey Smith vs. Jarrett Boykin

There’s some pretty tough choices here, but here’s my picks for Week 13’s Thanksgiving Pick 5:

Matt Flynn vs. Detroit

Matt Flynn’s last start for the Packers was the infamous game where he essentially earned a $10 million contract. Since then the former LSU Tiger has been ineffective. Until last week in relief where he nearly led the Packers to victory. No one knows exactly why Flynn is only successful with the Packers, but for fantasy purposes he is an easy choice over Matt McGloin.

Reggie Bush vs. Green Bay

With Eddie Lacy facing the hottest front seven in the NFL in terms of stopping the run, Reggie Bush is the easy choice. Bush always seem to shine on Thanksgiving, and this year will be no exception in what promises to be a great NFC North battle.

Le’Veon Bell vs. Baltimore

Although Jennings is still starting over Darren McFadden, Run DMC will be taking away a lot of carries as he is still the more talented runner. Bell has been one of the more consistent players in fantasy football since his return from injury, and is the easy pick this week, despite a tough matchup with the Ravens

Antonio Brown vs. Baltimore

Normally, Dez Bryant is an easy choice. But Antonio Brown is matchup proof, as he torched Joe Haden last week. Brown has been one of the best fantasy players in the NFL this season, and in a PPR format, he is the choice this week over Dez Bryant. But both players should have good days in fantasy football.

Torrey Smith vs. Pittsburgh

Jarrett Boykin is back to being the third wide receiver for the Packers, and with that, Torrey Smith is the best option for this matchup. Smith is Flacco’s best target, and some have said his only target. Look for him to try to use his speed and beat Ike Taylor deep, similarly to how Josh Gordon beat him last week. Smith is the easy pick this week, as his targets should be  plentiful.

Don’t forget, Pick 5 can be played on our site as well.

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