StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 8

Josh Collacchi takes a look at this week's StarStreet Pick 5

| 4 years ago

StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 8

ajgreenOne of my favorite games over at StarStreet is their Pick 5, which you can play for free each week to win a ticket to other daily games or for money.

The game is simple. There’s five player vs. player matchups, and you pick who you think will score more that week. The best part is that you can play straight from our site by clicking here.

Here’s this week’s Pick 5:

Tony Romo vs. Matthew Stafford

Cam Newton vs. Robert Griffin III

Jamaal Charles vs. LeSean McCoy

Marshawn Lynch vs. Knowshon Moreno

A.J. Green vs. Demaryius Thomas

There’s some pretty tough choices here, but here’s my picks for Week 8:

Tony Romo vs. Detroit

Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford face off in what could be a shootout, and that makes this an interesting point. The Lions have a very good interior defensive line and may make the Cowboys a one-dimensional offense. This benefits Tony Romo as he has more targets and more talent to throw to than Stafford. Romo is the better pick for this week.

Robert Griffin III vs. Denver

Two of the best dual threat quarterbacks in the NFL face off in this tough choice of a pick, but RGIII should have a huge day against the Broncos secondary. Denver is going to score a a lot this weekend, so the Redskins will have to match them if they want to win. The best way for them to do so is give Griffin every opportunity to put up points. Cam Newton is facing a Tampa Bay defense who has a lot of talent, and with only two real weapons in Steve Smith and Greg Olsen, Newton won’t have near as good a day as Robert Griffin III.

LeSean McCoy vs. New York Giants

There has been no running back that has been better than Jamaal Charles on StarStreet, averaging just over 24 points per game. But Charles faces a very good Cleveland Browns defense, who will look to stop Charles and make the Chiefs beat them with the passing game. Charles should still get a good amount of touches, but he is not a wise choice over LeSean McCoy. McCoy faces the worst defense in the NFL and with Michael Vick back, the running game should be back in full swing. McCoy has only had 100 yards or more once in the last four games, but Chip Kelly will see to fixing that this week against the Giants.

Knowshon Moreno vs. Washington

Marshawn Lynch is one of the better backs in the NFL, and will have a decent matchup against the Rams this week, but as a player who does not catch many passes, it is tough to choose him over a back who has averaged more fantasy points per game in a “lesser” role until this point. Moreno faces the porous Redskins defense this week, and should see around 20 touches including those ever important catches out of the backfield leading to more fantasy points. Moreno is the choice for this week.

A.J. Green vs. New York Jets

A.J. Green and Demaryius Thomas are two of the best in the game at their position, and should each have a good game this weekend. But the choice comes down to who is on the other side of the field. The Jets defense has been one of the best in the AFC this season, but they have not limited the top wide out on any occasion. Below is a look at opposing teams’ top receiver and their production against the Jets this season. A.J. Green will have a field day on Sunday. Thomas should have a good day as well, but A.J. Green should repeat the success listed below, if not surpass the production.

Player Catches Yards
Vincent Jackson 7 154
Stevie Johnson 6 86
Nate Washington 4 105
Julio Jones 8 99
Antonio Brown 9 86


Don’t forget, Pick 5 can be played on our site as well.

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