StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 5

Josh Collacchi takes a look at StarStreet's Pick 5 for the week.

| 4 years ago

StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 5

700211One of my favorite games over at StarStreet is their Pick 5, which you can play for free each week to win a ticket to other daily games or for money.

The game is simple. There’s five player vs. player matchups, and you pick who you think will score more that week. The best part is that you can play straight from our site by clicking here.

Here’s this week’s Pick 5:

Michael Vick vs. Matthew Stafford

Tom Brady vs. Philip Rivers

Marshawn Lynch vs. Reggie Bush

Dez Bryant vs. Demaryius Thomas

Torrey Smith vs. Josh Gordon

There’s some pretty tough choices here, but here’s my picks for Week 5:

Michael Vick vs. New York

Matthew Stafford faces an underrated Packers defense, and he could be in trouble enough to throw an interception or two. Michael Vick goes against a terrible defense in the New York Giants. But the real reason to take Vick this week is because he will have every opportunity to amass fantasy points. The Eagles need to score on almost every possession to stay in the game, and Vick will do that this week and out-perform Stafford.

Tom Brady vs. Cincinnati

Cincinnati has a better defense than the Oakland Raiders, and Philip Rivers has had more success so far this year in fantasy football. But Tom Brady is starting to get in rhythm with his receivers, and may get a healthy Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski back this week. Do not pick against Tom Brady this week, as he has shown the ability to score with nearly anyone.

Reggie Bush vs. Green Bay

Where Marshawn Lynch may be the better “running back”, Reggie Bush is on fire lately, and with StarStreet scoring a reception is a point. Bush should see at least 18 touches this week, with a number of them coming through the air. Bush is the better choice this week.

Demaryius Thomas vs. Dallas

Arguably two of the best wide receivers in the NFL square off in this matchup in Dez Bryant vs. Demaryius Thomas, but the Broncos have actually been able to stop every team’s number one wide out so far this season, and Thomas will beat anyone the Cowboys send to cover him one-on-one. Thomas will have the better day.

Josh Gordon vs. Buffalo

Lastly, Josh Gordon is the pick over Torrey Smith. Smith is the number one target for Joe Flacco, but the Miami Dolphins defense  will look to double team Smith with the lack of other weapons. Gordon has been targeted a lot since his return, and should see a lot more this Thursday night.

Don’t forget, Pick 5 can be played on our site as well.

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