StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 18

Josh Collacchi examines the Pick 5 for StarStreet in Week 18.

| 3 years ago

StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 18

1-14-13-Colin-Kaepernick_full_600One of my favorite games over at StarStreet is their Pick 5, which you can play for free each week to win a ticket to other daily games or for money.

The game is simple. There’s five player vs. player matchups, and you pick who you think will score more that week. The best part is that you can play straight from our site by clicking here.

Pick 5 is a great way to earn some extra cash for holiday shopping, as a 5/5 perfect Pick 5 can earn you 20 times your bet, bet $1 to win $20, $5 for $100 etc.

Here’s this week’s Pick 5:

Andy Dalton vs. Colin Kaepernick

Philip Rivers vs. Alex Smith

Jamaal Charles vs. LeSean McCoy

Ryan Mathews vs. Frank Gore

DeSean Jackson vs. Jordy Nelson

There’s some pretty tough choices here, but here are my picks for Week 18:

Colin Kaepernick vs. the Packers

Last year in the playoffs, Colin Kaepernick was a fantasy star. I fully expect the 49ers to unleash him once again this postseason, and let him throw the ball and run the ball more often. Expect him to utilize Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Anquan Boldin early and often for the Niners to be able to win against the Packers. Andy Dalton was a great fantasy quarterback this season as a whole, but is too inconsistent to pick for one week. Go with Kaepernick given the matchup.

Philip Rivers vs. the Bengals

The Chargers will need to ride the arm of Philip Rivers to have any shot of advancing far into the playoffs. This will make the selection of Rivers over Alex Smith an easy one. The Chiefs will use Jamaal Charles to win their game, and Smith will just be needed to move the ball and manage the football game. Philip Rivers will need to throw the ball 40 to 50 times to beat the Bengals, leading him to having a likelihood of more fantasy points than Alex Smith.

Jamaal Charles vs. the Colts

As aforemetnioned, the Chiefs will need to use Jamaal Charles to beat the Colts, and Jamaal Charles is the guy for the task. He has been among the best fantasy players this season, and has been the model of consistency. McCoy will be the focal point of the Eagles offense as well, but the Chiefs will ride Charles as far as he can take them. Not to mention the Saints defense is much improved, despite the loss of Kenny Vaccaro.

Frank Gore vs. the Packers

When the Niners need a long drive to win the game, and a consistent way to move the ball, Frank Gore has been there for years. Expect this playoff run to be on the shoulders of Gore along with Colin Kaepernick as the Niners will look to beat up on their opponents in the run game to open up the pass. All Niners are good starts this week against the Packers. Ryan Mathews faces the Bengals defense, and despite Mathews’ recent success, the Chargers will need to throw and score quickly to be able to beat the Bengals.

Jordy Nelson vs. the 49ers

Normally, picking against DeSean Jackson is a bad choice waiting to happen. But with Aaron Rodgers back, Jordy Nelson is one of the better fantasy options available. He will easily see 10 to 15 targets, and the Packers will need to move the ball through the air to beat the Niners. Jordy Nelson should be in for another huge game. DeSean Jackson is game planned around, and if you take away the deep ball, it can limit his fantasy appeal. But as Chip Kelly will adjust, he will find ways to get Jackson the ball. This is the toughest choice of the week, but Nelson should be the safer choice.

Don’t forget, Pick 5 can be played on our site as well.

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