StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 11

Josh Collacchi takes a look at this week's Pick 5 on StarStreet.

| 4 years ago
New Orleans Saints v Denver Broncos

StarStreet Pick 5 for Week 11

New Orleans Saints v Denver BroncosOne of my favorite games over at StarStreet is their Pick 5, which you can play for free each week to win a ticket to other daily games or for money.

The game is simple. There’s five player vs. player matchups, and you pick who you think will score more that week. The best part is that you can play straight from our site by clicking here.

Here’s this week’s Pick 5:

Drew Brees vs. Peyton Manning

Matthew Stafford vs. Nick Foles

Matt Forte vs. LeSean McCoy

Chris Johnson vs. Le’Veon Bell

Brandon Marshall vs. Demaryius Thomas

There’s some pretty tough choices here, but here’s my picks for Week 11:

Drew Brees vs. San Francisco

The toughest decision of the Pick 5 all season may be easier than you may think. The Chiefs defense has two weeks to prepare for Peyton Manning, and his injury is going to hamper his mobility even more than he already is. Drew Brees faces the Niners who have struggled with pass defense at times this season. San Francisco has not faced anyone close to the caliber of Brees, and won’t be able to stop him.

Nick Foles vs. Washington

The Washington Redskins defense is porous to say the least, and Nick Foles will get more opportunities to throw the ball this week with the opposing offense likely being able to put up points as well. Foles has been a fantasy stud so far this season when he is healthy and should not be picked against.

LeSean McCoy vs. Washington

McCoy broke out once again last week with 155 rushing yards against the Packers. Expect him to be a focus through the air as well as on the ground this week, as the Redskins like to blitz often, opening opportunities for the Eagles to dump the ball off to McCoy and let him do what he does best.

Le’Veon Bell vs. Detroit

Chris Johnson has been inconsistent this season, and Le’Veon Bell has been the polar opposite. The Steelers feed him the ball a ton, and he has been effective in the pass game as well. An easy choice over Chris Johnson who struggles unless he gets a long touchdown run.

Brandon Marshall vs. Baltimore

The Chiefs will likely be coming after Peyton Manning, forcing him to get the ball out early. This benefits Wes Welker, Julius Thomas and Knowshon Moreno, but not Demaryius Thomas. Look for Peyton to try to get him involved with a few screens early, but the Chiefs will be set on limiting the deep passing game. Brandon Marshall seems to be matchup proof, catching five, six or seven balls each and every game. Marshall is the safer pick, and the better choice for this week in the final pick of the week.

Don’t forget, Pick 5 can be played on our site as well.

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