Soppe’s Stats For Sunday Success

Want to be the most prepared person at your fantasy football draft this season? Kyle Soppe is here to help you be just that with his 2015 Draft Kit!

| 2 years ago

Soppe’s Stats For Sunday Success

SoppeImage1Your questions have been answered! Or at least the questions you should have been asking have been answered. You already get the elite coverage that the PFF staff offers, but for the first time ever, you get a look inside one specific analyst’s head.

Download the PDF here: Soppe Draft Kit 2015

Kyle Soppe (@unSOPable23) pulls back the curtain and gives you …

  • Over 150 player profiles, which include:
    • The players’ 16-game averages over the last three seasons
    • A unique stat that will change/reinforce how you view the player
    • Statistically formulated 2015 fantasy projection
    • Soppe’s thought process behind the numbers
    • Ranks based on the projected stat lines
  • Player Spotlight
    • One player from each team gets an extended write-up, detailing exactly what was used in the creation of the projection provided
  • Survivor schedule
    • An outline as to how to approach your survivor pool for all 17 weeks
  • Dating Game
    • A questionnaire that will help pair you with the perfect fantasy asset at QB, RB, and WR
  • Cutting edge and creative research
  • What is the impact of Thursday Night Football?SoppeImage1








  • Should you target an accurate deep-ball quarterback or a volume-based one?
  • Are divisional games statistically friendlier from a fantasy perspective?
  • Who is gaining the most from the ballooning numbers in the passing game?
  • Which statistics from 2014 are most important when ranking for 2015?
  • How should you rank players who have an elite quarterback on their team?
  • What statistic do you need to know for every number 1-100?
  • Are interceptions a good thing for your quarterback?









  • Ranks for the 2015 season
    • PPR
    • Standard
    • Positional
    • Overall

Download the PDF here: Soppe Draft Kit 2015

WARNING: This product is suitable only for those looking to do well this fantasy season. Consumption of this content may result in elevated levels of excitement and financial gains. Please consult with your league-mates prior to downloading, as this Draft Kit could result in your termination from the league, as it will be considered a P.E.D. by season’s end: Performance-Enhancing Document.

  • ffmagicman

    Nice job Kyle! Looking forward to really digging into this over the next few weeks.