So, how do we come up with these grades, anyway?

| 6 years ago

So, how do we come up with these grades, anyway?

Here at Pro Football Focus, we make what we do pretty clear: We watch every game, every player and every play. Says it right over the masthead at the top of your screen, and it’s the honest truth.

But it doesn’t hurt to explain exactly what that means every now and again.

So, what do we do while we’re watching every player’s play? We grade them, and track these grades, and we use these grades to really break down who is doing what on the football field.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours making sure that these grades are fair and balanced,and invite the curious or skeptical to read what we refer to as the “Hamlet of NFL player-grading primers,” our grading Q and A.

It’s good reading for those who think there’s no method to our madness; as you’ll see, there’s a whole lot of method, and not much madness other than the type of craziness it takes to actually do all this stuff … enjoy!

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