Signature Stat Leaders, Week 4

Exploring the recent week's top performances with a peek into some of our most popular Signature Stats, Khaled Elsayed lays out the leaderboard.

| 5 years ago

Signature Stat Leaders, Week 4

Whether you’ve been following us since Day 1, or just realized we existed yesterday, the one thing you should know is we provide some of the most unique NFL data available anywhere.

Having all this data led to the creation of the Signature Stat section of our Premium Stats, and this season we’re taking a look at the recent week’s top performances through a Signature Stats lens.

Selecting out some of our most popular Signature Stats, here are some of the players that led the pack in Week 4:

Accuracy Percentage

You know what a completion percentage doesn’t tell you? It doesn’t tell you when a quarterback spiked a ball, threw it away, had a pass batted at the line of scrimmage, or was hit while in the process of making a throw. Well, our adjusted completion percentage ignores those throws where a quarterback’s aim can’t be measured, and goes further by counting dropped passes as good as completions to give a reflection of who the most accurate quarterbacks are.

#NameTeamAtt.CompDropsTABPSPHATAcc. %
1 Philip RiversSD23181100086.4
2 Peyton ManningDEN38301020086.1
3 Aaron RodgersGB41314000085.4
4 Robert Griffin IIIWAS35263001085.3
5 Jay CutlerCHI24182000083.3


Elusive Rating

The evil genius that is Sam Monson was sick of being told who the most elusive backs in the league were, so he created a formula to show the world. Looking at the number of missed tackles a running back forces, and their yards after contact, there truly is nothing quite like it.

#NameTeamTouchesYco/AttTotal MTElusive Rating
1 Michael TurnerATL16412300.0
2 Brandon BoldenNE174.54105.9
3 Marshawn LynchSEA243.4799.2
4 Adrian L. PetersonMIN253.76690.3
5 Alfred MorrisWAS223.52580.1


Yards Per Route Run

It’s all well and good seeing a wide receiver was on the field for a certain amount of snaps, but it’s useless information unless you know what type of snaps he was in for. Our Yards Per Route Run Signature Stat lets you know which receivers truly are the most productive (numerically) on a per-route basis.

#NameTeamRec. YardsSnaps in RouteYPRR
1 Brian HartlineMIA253445.75
2 Devin HesterCHI3875.43
3 Brandon MarshallCHI138275.11
4 A.J. GreenCIN117294.03
5 Josh MorganWAS62173.65


Pass Blocking Efficiency

Sick of hearing comments without substance regarding offensive linemen? Well, settle your stomach by looking at our Pass Blocking Efficiency rankings, available at every offensive line position and for each team’s collective unit. It’s not just about sacks but who is giving up the most pressure on a per-snap basis. Have a look at this list of the five offensive tackles with the worst scores from Week 4:

#NameTeamPass Block SnapsTotal Pressure AllowedPBE
1 Willie SmithOAK37980.4
2 Bobby MassieARZ561281.7
3 Tyson ClaboATL47984.0
4 Breno GiacominiSEA31685.5
5 Byron BellCAR28585.7


Pass Rushing Productivity

The first ever PFF Signature Stat, it’s grown as we have. It’s available at every single defensive position, so if you want, you can check out who the most productive pass rushing corner in the league is. Or, you can focus on the big guns and see which defensive ends may not be getting the sacks but are making life harder for the quarterback consistently. Here’s a combined look at the best scores from those who rushed the passer at least 20 times in Week 4:

#NameTeamPass Rush SnapsTotal PressurePRP 
DENElvis DumervilDEN29925.0
MIACameron WakeMIA501322.0
CARCharles JohnsonCAR391021.8
SLChris LongSL25721.0
CINGeno AtkinsCIN35717.4


Run Stop Percentage

Tackle numbers. The bane of my existence. You can have a lot of tackles, but so what if they’re coming 10 yards down field when a guy has already done the damage? No, we look at defenders who make defensive stops (plays that don’t get enough yards to be considered a win for the offense). Looking exclusively at plays in run defense, our Run Stop Percentage tells you who is making the most stops per running snap on the field. Here’s a list of the best scores from all defenders who played more than 20 snaps in the run game this week:

#NameTeamRun SnapsStopsStop %
1Sean LeeDAL27622.2%
2Bryan ScottBUF33721.2%
3Jabaal SheardCLV20420.0%
3Brian CushingHST20420.0%
3Jovan BelcherKC30620.0%


Yards Per Coverage Snap

All cornerbacks give up yards, but some are bound to give up more simply because they spend more plays in coverage. A simple enough solution: create a stat that gives you the average number of yards a cornerback gives up per snap he is in coverage. There’s your context, and here are the top scores from Week 4 among those who spent at least 30 snaps in coverage:

#NameTeamSnapsYardsYards / Cover Snap
1 Brandon BrownerSEA3200.00
2 Sterling MooreNE3720.05
3 Captain MunnerlynCAR3660.17
4 Chris GambleCAR45130.29
5 Lardarius WebbBLT49140.29


Statistics are not the be all and end all. They’re certainly not as informative or intelligent as our player grades that are also available in our premium section and are part of the product we provide to numerous NFL teams. But, used in the right way, these numbers can add to the conversation, so we’ll continue creating stats that provide more context than anything else out there.


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