Sig Stats: PBE, Interior O-Line

With the offensive tackles already covered, the interior O-line gets its turn as Mike Mountford looks at Pass Blocking Efficiency for guards and centers in 2014.

| 2 years ago

Sig Stats: PBE, Interior O-Line

2014-Sig-Stats-PBE-G-CWith the season wrapped, we’ve taken some time this week to run through some of our Signature Stats, sharing the leaders in various categories. These stats are able to give a more detailed view than any of the traditional box score stats can, but even though they can help paint a better picture, they have their limitations, which is why we always recommend looking at our player grades to give the best look at a player’s performance.

Earlier today we focused on the offensive tackles and now we’ll be looking at Pass Blocking Efficiency (PBE) for the interior offensive line. We will see which Guards and Centers gave up the fewest pressures (Sacks, Hits and Hurries) on a per snap basis last season, with weighting towards sacks allowed.


Josh Sitton sits atop the 2014 PBE table for Guards for the second year in a row and he has been in the Top 5 for the past five seasons. The Top 10 this season features nine new players from last 2013’s top group. Everyone remembers the difficulties Orlando Franklin had in Super Bowl XLVII, but prior to that effort he had posted the highest PBE for Offensive Tackles in 2013. This year he was moved inside to guard and continued his strong play as a pass blocker. It might be a surprise to see Marshal Yanda (fifth in the running for our Dwight Stephenson award as the league’s top player) not make the Top 10 — he’s sitting just outside in 11th place.

Rank Name Team Pass Blocking Snaps Sacks Hits Hurries Total PBE
1 Josh Sitton GB 582 0 4 6 10 98.7
2 Orlando Franklin DEN 608 1 2 8 11 98.6
T-3 Kelechi Osemele BLT 522 2 2 6 10 98.5
T-3 Zach Martin DAL 517 0 2 8 10 98.5
T-5 Kyle Long CHI 628 0 2 13 15 98.2
T-5 Kevin Zeitler CIN 390 1 2 6 9 98.2
7 Zane Beadles JAX 649 2 3 12 17 98
8 Joel Bitonio CLV 550 1 3 11 15 97.9
T-9 Brandon Linder JAX 565 5 2 8 15 97.8
T-9 Trai Turner CAR 375 0 4 7 11 97.8


Rookie Watch

This years Top 10 impressively features four rookies. Unsurprising to see both Dallas’ Zach Martin and the Browns’ Joel Bitonio, but the addition of Jacksonville’s Brandon Linder and Carolina’s Trai Turner cements a strong showing for the 2014 class. Another rookie guard who just missed the Top 10 was Gabe Jackson of the Oakland Raiders who ended up at 14th overall. If this rookie class can build on their outstanding start, there might be a new challenger to Sitton in the near future.


Claiming the top spot for centers, Nick Mangold takes the PBE crown with a clear margin due to only giving up seven total pressures all season. Both Rodney Hudson and Stefen Wisniewski are due to be free agents this offseason and while each fared well in the PBE count, this is an example where our player grades can help finish the story — Hudson finished with  the third-best pass-blocking grade among centers while Wisniewski was down at 22nd on that list.

Rank Name Team Pass Blocking Snaps Sacks Hits Hurries Total PBE
1 Nick Mangold NYJ 539 1 2 4 7 99
2 Rodney Hudson KC 578 2 2 7 11 98.5
T-3 Stefen Wisniewski OAK 656 1 3 12 16 98.1
T-3 Kory Lichtensteiger WAS 629 1 1 14 16 98.1
T-3 Corey Linsley GB 595 1 2 12 15 98.1
6 Travis Frederick DAL 518 1 2 11 14 97.9
T-7 Maurkice Pouncey PIT 651 1 2 16 19 97.8
T-7 Roberto Garza CHI 480 1 2 11 14 97.8
T-7 Jason Kelce PHI 464 2 3 8 13 97.8
T-7 Bryan Stork NE 458 1 8 4 13 97.8


Rookie Watch

Going into the season the Packers had to insert Corey Linsley at center and he answered by turning in one of the league’s more impressive seasons at the position. Bryan Stork finished tied for seventh in the PBE rankings — a significant improvement for the Patriots over what they got from Ryan Wendell (95.6) the year before. The only other rookie center that did not have major struggles was the Chargers’ Chris Watt, who, on limited snaps, put up a 97.7 PBE.


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  • Tyler Ferree

    Raise your hand if you are actually surprised to see mangold with the top PBE number regardless of position.

    • ronald shapson

      Why are you surprised?

      • Tyler Ferree

        I’m not it was sarcasm.

  • Chmike

    I’m impressed to see Robert Garza in there !

  • Jaguars28

    Linder’s a stud, and it’s great to see Beadles here as well. All we need is stronger pass protection from the tackles, and I think we’ll see Joeckel take the leap this year.

  • AJ

    Just a quick thought: if tackles are separated in grading between left tackles and right tackles, shouldn’t guards be separated into left and right as well? The two positions are not identical.

    • Malachi

      so true, centers help LGs much more than RG. RG is alomst like being a tackle on an island in todays game