Sig Stats: First Downs & Touchdowns — TEs

Khaled Elsayed offers the numbers as he looks at 2012 tight end receptions turned into first downs and touchdowns.

| 4 years ago

Sig Stats: First Downs & Touchdowns — TEs

We collect a lot of data at Pro Football Focus — so much so that we’re continually working to put it together and bring you all the unique Signature Stats out there.

But fear not because we’re getting our collective heads around them now, and with that in mind we’re bringing you a new collection of signature stats that deal with the quality of catches — you know, the ones that go for either a first down or touchdown.

Check out the table below that breaks down which tight ends in 2012 had the most combined first downs and touchdowns. Once done with this, click over to see how we’ve taken it even further by looking at the most as a percentage of their targets, and the most as a percentage of the routes they ran.

Now let’s look at who picked up the most first downs or touchdowns per route run.

RankNameFirst Downs and TDs
1Tony Gonzalez65
2Jimmy Graham59
3Jason Witten56
4Rob Gronkowski46
5Heath Miller44
6Greg Olsen42
7Brandon Myers41
8Scott Chandler37
9Owen Daniels37
10Martellus Bennett36
11Kyle Rudolph34
12Jermaine Gresham33
13Brandon Pettigrew33
14Brent Celek32
15Jermichael Finley31
16Dwayne Allen30
17Antonio Gates30
18Jacob Tamme29
19Dennis Pitta29
20Tony Scheffler28
21Ben Watson27
22Aaron Hernandez27
23Vernon Davis26
24Marcedes Lewis25
25Tony Moeaki24
26Lance Kendricks24
27Jared Cook24
28Dallas Clark23
29Zach J. Miller20


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    For your information, the table isn’t showing up. The error message is [table "801" not found /]